A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

Scott Thompson

Vital Facts

 Full Name- Scott Thompson
 Birthdate- June 12, 1959
 Hometown(s)- Brampton, ON; North Bay, ON



Scott Thompson was raised in Brampton, Ontario. He is the second oldest of four boys (the others are Craig, Derek, and Dean). At 19, Scott got involved in an educational program called Canada World Youth, and spent some time in the Phillipines. After CWY, Scott enrolled in York University, but in his third year he was asked to leave for being "disruptive". Scott joined a Toronto improv troupe called the Love Cats and while performing with them, he met Mark McKinney, who introduced him to the rest of the Kids In the Hall. He was a guest performer with the Kids in 1984, and soon after became a member.



 Yes, Scott "is the gay one."
 Scott got a Cable Ace nomination for Best Actor in a Comedy in 1990.


TV/Radio Interviews

 CBS This Morning--Piece on Scott and Buddy Cole. (July, 1998)
 TBS's "Dinner & a Movie"--Buddy guests during the TBS showing of "Tootsie." (June 19, 1998)
 CNN's "Saturday Morning"--Buddy Cole promotes his book. (May 17, 1998)
 Politically Incorrect--Along with Robert Goulet, Garcelle Beauvais, and Doug McIntyre. (January 30, 1998)
 On Z100-- Interview promoting Brain Candy, with Scott and Kevin. (Early 1996)
 Late Night With Conan O'Brien-- Kevin Interview. Scott is there for moral support. (Mid December, 1995)
 Late Night With Conan O'Brien--"Thin, Thin Ice: The Tonya Harding Story" and interview. (December, 1993?)


Print Articles/Interviews

 Preview: 'Candy'Man-- Brain Candy-related Scott article. (April 19, 1996)
 San Francisco Examiner "Kid from the Hall heads up big-screen debut "-- Brain Candy-related Scott article. (April 9, 1996)
 Everybody's News "The Kids are Alright"-- Brain Candy-timed Scott interview. (?)



 Scott's Larry Sanders Show bio
 Scott's Brain Candy bio
 Scott's bio for Planet Out's AOL chat
 Planet Out AOL Chat- (September 23, 1996)
 Dear Eminem (September 2000)



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Other Media

None yet


TV & Filmography

Actor - Film
 Mickey Blue Eyes (1999) .... FBI Agent Lewis
 Hayseed (1997)
 Hijacking Hollywood (1997) .... Russell
 Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996) .... Mrs. Hurdicure/Baxter/Wally Terzinsky/Malek/Clemptor/The Queen/Big Stummies scientist
 Out: Stories of Lesbian and Gay Youth in Canada (1994)
 Super 8-1/2 (1993) .... Buddy Cole
 Millennium (1989) .... Controller
 Head Office (1986) (uncredited) .... Man Outside Office Building (Extra)

Actor - TV
"More Tales of the City" (1998) (mini) .... Arlington Luce
 "Larry Sanders Show, The" (1992) .... Brian (1995-98)
 Day One (1989) .... Chemist
 "Kids in the Hall, The" (1989).... Various characters
 Hot Paint (1988)

Stage Work
Various Stand-up gigs

Buddy Babylon (1998) (book)
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996)
 "Kids in the Hall, The" (1989)


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 Bio & Filmography- Bethany Cramer and the FAQ



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