A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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Scott: CNN's "Saturday Morning"
(May 17, 1998 - 9:50 a.m. ET.)

Miles O'Brien, CNN Anchor: The character Buddy Cole is nearly becoming as famous as the stand-up comedian who created him, Scott Thompson. His new book is "Buddy Babylon: The Autobiography of Buddy Cole."

Bobbie Battista, Cnn Anchor: Buddy could be described, well, I guess, as an over-the-top bar fly created for the TV show "Kids in the Hall." Here is one of Buddy's bits.


Scott Thompson, Comedian: [As Buddy] They say that the notion of love at first...


Miles: Well, that section not part of the bit.

Bobbie: No, it is not.

Miles: That is "Bars in Town" as a part...

Bobbie: We will try and rerack that.

Miles: Let us see. We told folks about wipes. And then we -- now we film them "Bars in Town" countdown.

Should we try that again or not, Liz? Shall we try it? Do we have it? I guess not.

Bobbie: No, we will try the res...


Miles: OK, we are not going anywhere near that. Let us -- hey. Tell me about your life, Buddy. Where did you grow up?

Scott Thompson, "Buddy Cole": Oh, well, I mostly grew up in Northern Quebec, St. Tubaris [ph], on a lock.

Miles: Yes.

Scott: And then, of course, I found my way to Montreal, Toronto, Sudbury [ph], all over the world.

Miles: And, I understand, you were involved in pig farming? Is that right?

Bobbie: No, well, you grew up on a pig farm is right.

Scott: Yes, I did. My parents were pig farmers. I was a pig boy. I was -- I was the most glamorous hog slopper in all of Northern Quebec.

Miles: I am sure.

Bobbie: And when...

Scott: The only thing I have taken from those days. I still love my bacon.

Bobbie: So you are Canadian?

Scott: Yes, I am.

Bobbie: OK.

Miles: That would be Canadian bacon.

Bobbie: Yeah, Canadian bacon. Right.

Scott: Yeah. Of course.

Bobbie: But you are now in America?

Scott: Well, I am living in an undisclosed location, Bobbie.

Bobbie: Why is that?

Scott: Well, because the papparazzi have become so insane since my book has been released. So I have just got to be -- I am constantly on the run. So I decided an undisclosed location was the perfect place for me, undisclosed location, Montana, actually.

Miles: OK. All right.

Bobbie: You in Montana, interesting.

Miles: All right. Well, let us talk about the message you send...

Scott: The message.

Miles: ... to kids. Kids watching this at home right now...

Scott: Yes.

Miles: ... seeing you drink your martini in the coffee cup might get the wrong impression there, Buddy.

Scott: Well, if kids are at home on a Sunday morning watching television, they are already lost to us. Because they should be at church where they belong, which reminds me, Cardinal, please. I am trying to do an interview.

Got one.

Bobbie: We have to ask you, because I am sure Buddy Cole is a huge fan of Frank Sinatra and the passing of this great American original.

Scott: Oh, Bobbie, I could not believe it. The other day when Carlos, my valet, woke me up with the news that Sinatra was gone, the first words out of my mouth were: "No, not Tina."

Bobbie: Oh, no.

Scott: And then he told me that it was just Frank. And I thought: "Oh, well, he had a good ride."

Miles: Speaking of good rides, the "Seinfeld" show had a good ride. Did you watch the finale like the rest of the world?

Scott: No, I do not watch much television, just your show.

Miles: Oh, really.

Bobbie: Yeah, you say the right things.

Miles: You did not see it at all?

Scott: No, I did not see it. Sorry.

Miles: Yeah, OK, all right.

How about Larry Sanders? How is that show doing?

Scott: Larry Sanders? I do not really know Sanders...

Miles: You do not watch that either?

Bobbie: You never heard of him?

Scott: ... No, I do not watch his show. I think I just do not like his show very much. There is a person on it that I have seen around. But he is just -- I do not like all those brown suits that he wears.

Bobbie: How did you end up, Buddy, that your whole career here kind of got started on "Kids in the Hall," which a lot of people -- I remember that show. I thought it was great, on Comedy Central.

Scott: Oh, thanks, Bobbie.

Bobbie: Well, but, has that gone away, by the way or...

Scott: Has it gone away?

Bobbie: Yeah, is it still on Comedy Central or...

Scott: It is still -- I think the show is still on. I myself had very little to do with this show, you see. What happened was one day I was in my bar having a smart martini. And I was just going off on some topic. And these five adorable tow-headed youths strolled in with a complete camera crew and started filming my monologues.

So I have not seen a dime of it. So, as far as I am concerned, they can rot in hell.

Miles: Now, it says here on this sort of sheet that we get that we should ask about your...

Scott: The photo sheet?

Miles: ... Well, we have a sort of sheet, this little thing here on research here.

Scott: Miles, sort of cop sort of sheet?

Miles: Yeah, and it says: "You had quite an active love life." Should I really ask you about that, though? I do not know. I hesitate.

Scott: Well, Miles, should I say how familiar you look to me? Maybe, we were sort of lovers. Who knows?

Bobbie: At 25...

Scott: ... About every second person is named O'Brien in Canada.

Bobbie: Please just remember a 25-year career here went down the tubes in a matter of moments, depending on what comes out of your mouth.

Scott: What now, Ms. Bobbie?

Miles: Oh, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy. OK.

Bobbie: Oh, all right.

Miles: Well, Buddy, listen. It was great to see you.

Bobbie: You got a book out, we should say.

Scott: It is great to see you again, Miles.

Bobbie: Buddy's -- "Buddy's Babylon" is the name of the book. And it is your autobiography.

Scott: Yes, it is, completely true, every word.

Miles: Every single word.

Scott: And it is, too. It is so true, Cardinal.

Miles: Bye, Buddy. Good...

Bobbie: Buddy, appreciate it.

Miles: ... drop on by any time.

Scott: Bonjour.

Miles: Bonjour.

Bobbie: Bonjour.

Miles: Bon Duet [ph], whatever. All right.

[Taken from the CNN's web page. Credit to Cable News Network, Inc.]



 Sarah Newhouse

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