A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall


 The Forum- This bulletin board sort of replaces Palace (which I'm not even sure still works), by posting information about KITH or just talking to other KITH fans. There's even a calendar there where you can add KITH member events.

 The Palace- An opportunity to chat with other KITH fans in a virtual, graphical chat world. Read about what the Palace is, how to visit the KITH one, and any scheduled events happening.

 3rd Voice- 3rd Voice is a sort of like having a message board on every page of a site. Read about what 3rd Voice is, how to turn it on, and suggestions on how to use it with this site.

 Polls- Many sites have them. But here's the twist with these, you get to have a say in the content on the site, just by sharing some of your favorite KITH moments. The newsgroup for Kids in the Hall. Click to here to visit the ng or view the most updated version of the FAQ.


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