A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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Scott: CBS This Morning (July, 1998)

Mark McEwen: (missed beginning)…now the flamboyant Buddy Cole is hitting the road, and the bookshelves, in style.

Buddy Cole: (at a comedy club in NYC) "Oh, you two are *so* cute! Have I always been a bartender? Well, I've always been a *barfly, and then one day, they just started paying me, I guess. It's all a blur!"

Mark voice: Meet Buddy Cole, alter-ego of Kids in the Hall comedian, Scott Thompson, now the author of his own autobiography, Buddy Babylon.

Buddy: (at book signing) I've been touring, and was in Texas, and I had some very small crowds. Some even smaller than this. So, I've actually has more people in my own bedroom than showed up in San Antonio, Texas. Of course, the difference was, I've never had a walk out from my bedroom.

Scott Thompson: (at a bar - shock! ) Basically, it was a guy that dumped me in, uh, mid-eighties…really ruthlessly. So, I started imitating him.

Buddy: (comedy club) We were together for *six whole months*! Which, in heterosexual terms, is three reincarnations with the same mate.

Mark: Thompson has an answer to critics who say his effeminate character is a negative stereotype of the gay community.

Scott: I mean, the existence of Buddy is basically saying, you know, I mean, accept this. There is nothing inherently *wrong* with it. It's the truth.

Ro Kohli, Buddy fan: It shows a, like, a different side of, like, the whole gay community. You know, it's like a lot people see gays as just, like, kind of an evil thing. But it just makes it funny, very tongue-in-cheek. This book is really, really funny.

Scott: It's a very simple strategy of mine. And that's, basically, make 'em like us. Make them like you. Make them want to have you back….and that's, uh, my profoundly simple politics right now.

Buddy: (comedy club) I guess they weren't used to seeing effeminate blonde men before. They must have been the only people in America who never saw "Titanic."

Mark: ::laughs:: Scott Thompson, Buddy Cole's show is currently hitting comedy clubs across the US and Canada. Be warned! Both the show and the book can get a little risque at times.




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