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Scott: Planet Out AOL Conference

[The following conference is the not the "official" one. It is simply a log of the chat, so you don't just have Question/Answer, you have everyone's comments in the chat row as well. As you may notice, the chat row was populated by posters and we commented on eeevverything. Apologies if you are in the log, but because Planet Out didn't preface questions with the name of who asked them, the log turns out to be a better record of the chat. Also, Planet Out didn't ever officially "start" or "end" the chat, so you get a little of the pre-conference chat. The actual questions to Scott and his answers are in bold, so you can skip our conversation, if you like.]

PNO Paige: Starting at 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern

ScottTmpsn: Hello everyone! Hi Tavie!

Tavie : (957)AGH!
Tavie : (957)JESUS!
Zolivine : (957)Oh my GAWD!!!!!!
Tlyco : (957)Tavie!!
Zolivine : (957)You GO GIRL!!!
Tavie : (957)OH MY FUCKING GOD I love him
Zolivine : (957)I am loving AOL right now...
Tavie : (957)Me too me too oh my god. Geez.
Zolivine : (957)Where'd Scott go?!
Tlyco : (957)Hey Meridith :o)
Tavie : (957)Booted I guess.
Tlyco : (957)lol, damn aol
Keeb0133 : (957)Hello
Keeb0133 : (957)Anybody here
Zolivine : (957)Hiyas, Keeb

OnlineHost: =file pout.0923.t

Tlyco : (957)what was that?

OnlineHost: starting at 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern

Keeb0133 : (957)hi zolivine
Keeb0133 : (957)Whats going on in here
I Hecubus : (957)hello
Zolivine : (957)The Scott Thompson is here...
Tlyco : (957)Ther you are!
Keeb0133 : (957)Who is he
Tavie : (957)Oh my GOD, I am SO.. so... Scott-struck!!!!
I Hecubus : (957)hi hi hi hi hi hi!!!!!!!!
Tavie : (957)There you are!
I Hecubus : (957);o)
Keeb0133 : (957)WHo is scott
Zolivine : (957)What?!

OnlineHost : Row 957 is now broadcasting. Their comments start with (957)*.

Keeb0133 : (957)*Who is Scott
Tavie : (957)*Why are they broadcasting US? :)
Tlyco : (957)*what does that mean?
Tavie : (957)*Hi everyone! GET SCOTT BACK!!!
Tlyco : (957)*It's because of you Tavie
Zolivine : (957)*How many of us are SSSM?
Keeb0133 : (957)*Who is scott
I Hecubus : (957)*aybe it's because i joined the row : (
Tavie : (957)*I am!
Tlyco : (957)*I will be for tonight.... ;o)
Keeb0133 : (957)*Ya your a stud
Tavie : (957)*Hello auditorium! Are we all Scott worshipers?
Zolivine : (957)*Yesssss!
I Hecubus : (957)*oui : )
Keeb0133 : (957)*WHO IS SCOTT????
Tlyco : (957)*Scott Thompson--actor, comedian, model... ;o)
I Hecubus : (957)*who are you?

OnlineHost: Starting at 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern

Zolivine : (957)*Scott Thompson is an actor, dancer, singer, model....Canadian!!!!
Tlyco : (957)*Canadiean!
Tlyco : (957)*Ha ha, Katy!
Keeb0133 : (957)*I dunno who are you
Tavie : (957)*I was gonna say that!!
Zolivine : (957)*Great minds think alike, Trista!!!!
Keeb0133 : (957)*Boring!!!!!!!!!!
Zolivine : (957)*never !
Mr Tisane : (957)*Tavie!
Mr Tisane : (957)*Hi, y'all! Scott's in row one. I think.
Keeb0133 : (957)*Oh boy
I Hecubus : (957)*hi scott!
Keeb0133 : (957)*Hi scott
Tavie : (957)*Hi Scott!!
Mr Tisane : (957)*He can't see you unless you hit the interact button.

OnlineHost : Row 957 is no longer broadcasting.

Tavie : (957)Yes he can, Kip, they're broadcasting us!
Keeb0133 : (957)Hey
Tavie : (957)Oh, shoot. Well, they were.
Tavie : (957)Evil.
Zolivine : (957)ohhh.... :(
I Hecubus : (957)what's going on here!
Tavie : (957)KIP! You missed it! Scott said hi to me, publicly, and answered my IM!!!!
Mr Tisane : (957)Ack.
Zolivine : (957)You IM'd SCOTT????
Mr Tisane : (957)REALLY?
Tavie : (957)YES!
Mr Tisane : (957)You are the coolest of the cool.
Mr Tisane : (957)I worship thy ass.
Tavie : (957)I IMed him before he turned off his IMs to say I loved him and he said "You are so sweet :)"
Mr Tisane : (957)WAAAAAH!
Zolivine : (957)::::sigh::::
Mr Tisane : (957)Fine. I'm not sharing my Moo Goo Gai Pan with YOU.
Mr Tisane : (957)Pooh.
Tavie : (957)Aw. :(
Mr Tisane : (957)<----moping
Tlyco : (957)I haven't said anything in a while, so I'll just say, I'm still here :o)

ScottTmpsn: &Hi. Hang up your phone. I disconnected you/.

Mr Tisane : (957)Howdy Trista!
Tavie : (957)Geez, is it possible I'm even more starstruck than the z 100 thing?
Tlyco : (957)Hey Kip :o)
Mr Tisane : (957)In cyberspace no one can hear you hyperventilate, Tavie!

OnlineHost: The chat with Scott Thompson will start in just a few minutes

Tavie : (957)Ade! You missed it! [I'm going to announce this to everyone, sorr guys.]
AYoungOne : (957)Please! What?
Tavie : (957)Adrienne: ScottTmpsn: Hello everyone! Hi Tavie!
AYoungOne : (957)Yikes!
Tavie : (957)AND ScottTmpson: (to me in an IM) You are so sweet. :)
AYoungOne : (957)How long ago was this?
Mr Tisane : (957)I don't know anyone in row 1.
AYoungOne : (957)!!!!!!
Tavie : (957)A few minutes ago.
Tavie : (957)And now I'm bothering everyone with my gushingness.
Mr Tisane : (957)We love it.
AYoungOne : (957)Gush away! Nothing else is happening until he gets back anyway! :)
AYoungOne : (957)I'm glad to see the newsgroup has ganged together in Row 957!
Tavie : (957)But of course. ;)
AYoungOne : (957)Named for Mrs. Hurdicure, how sweet -- everyone must be watching Brain candy like crazy

OnlineHost: Row 69 is now broadcasting. Their comments start with (69)*.

ScottTmpsn: (69)*Hi Darren. This is sooooo exciting, huh

Zolivine : (957)Scott is in 69?!
Tavie : (957)HEY! No fair!
AYoungOne : (957)Are we all moving over to Row 69?

OnlineHost: scotttmpsn hi scott!

OnlineHost: scotttmpsn hi scott!

Zolivine : (957):::thinking about moving::::
Tavie : (957)I'm considering it. ;)
Mr Tisane : (957)Send him a question.
Tlyco : (957)Make him come to us ;o)
LKW1973 : (957)Hello all in row 957! :)

ScottTmpsn: (69)*=sendPNOPaige Help me

Nejafur : (69)*Hi scott, what's up buddy?
Mr Tisane : (957)I think he liked the number.
Tlyco : (957)Oh, poor scott, he's stuck
Mr Tisane : (957)He needs cyber help.
ASMUSSEND : (69)*Hi!
Tlyco : (957)Atleast we know he doesn't have a mystery typer

OnlineHost: The chat will begin in just a few moments

Nejafur : (69)*hey shouldn't you be on stage?
Tavie : (957)Hi Spy Chick!
KatalinaKi : (69)*Scott, what ARE you doing?
JKD 62220 : (69)*The movie was great.
Nejafur : (69)*with Paige?
LKW1973 : (957)Tavie dahling! :)
Mr Tisane : (957)Hmm. All the chat rows are talking. I didn't know they could do that.
Nejafur : (69)*you MUST be a virgin at this
Tavie : (957)Hey Spy Chick, Scott said hi to me and called me sweet!
Nejafur : (69)*=0)
LKW1973 : (957)Ack! Coo!!!

ScottTmpsn: (69)*LOL

Tavie : (957):D
LKW1973 : (957)MAn, everyone from the ng is in this row, eh? Coolness!
KatalinaKi : (69)*Pass the popcorn

OnlineHost: Row 69 is no longer broadcasting.

Tlyco : (957)Ha ha, row 69 sucks
Mr Tisane : (957)Hey, do they still have that Thrashers fries place on the O.C. boardwalk?
Tavie : (957)LOL!
LKW1973 : (957)oh yea--Thrashers is still there long lines and all :)

OnlineHost: We'll begin in just a few minutes

Tavie : (957)Zolivine and Adrienne are TRAITORS!

ScottTmpsn: Go back to 957 you kids!

Mr Tisane : (957)I miss it...and the blue crabs.
Tavie : (957)Traaaaaaaitors.
Mr Tisane : (957)Hey, he's ordering us around.
Zolivine : (957)I a'm no longer a traitor...
AYoungOne : (957)I'm back!
Tavie : (957)TRAITORS! lol

ScottTmpsn: & I am on with Terry now. Hang up Darren

Zolivine : (957):pPPpPpppp
LKW1973 : (957)Alaska stands fries are better though, IMO.... :)
Mr Tisane : (957)I wonder where Alex is.
Mr Tisane : (957)I haven't been to O.C. since the mid 80's, Laura. Drat.
Zolivine : (957)ummmm...who/what is Darren?
LKW1973 : (957)Where do you live now Kip?

ScottTmpsn: & We are now experiencing serious technical difficulties

Mr Tisane : (957)Seattle.
LKW1973 : (957)Oh yeah---so I guess it's not just a short drive away anymore :)
Mr Tisane : (957)Don't let anyone tell you Dungeness crabs are as good as Bluecrabs.
LKW1973 : (957)Not too much has changed though.....
Mr Tisane : (957)They lie like stinkin' pigs if they tell you that.
LKW1973 : (957)Oh no---NOTHING is as good as the Maryland Crab!!!!! with OLd Bay seasoning, of course
Mr Tisane : (957)But of course! We got some last time we were in Baltimore. Mmm.

OnlineHost: Hang on everyone... Scott Thompson is in Toronto and we're having difficulties...

OnlineHost: with the phone lines... please hang on.

Mr Tisane : (957)I wonder if he is cold.
LKW1973 : (957)Are you referring to Scott, Kip?
Tavie : (957)Poor Karen is stuck in row 2. :(
Mr Tisane : (957)Yes. Jeez, this place is filling up. Moxy Girl is trying to get in.
LKW1973 : (957)This is fun---is everyone comfy? Got a cup of coffee?

ScottTmpsn: & Tell them to chat amongst themselves for a minute

LKW1973 : (957)Or, does everyone have a glass of soda/pop/tonic/coca cola? ha! I kill me

ScottTmpsn: & as Paige

Mr Tisane : (957)I have Moo Goo Gai Pan.
Zolivine : (957)soda... (not pop)
Mr Tisane : (957)TONIC.

OnlineHost: Hang on everyone... we're having technical difficulties with the phone system

Tavie : (957)Soda, dammit.
LKW1973 : (957)Coffee here...... :)
LKW1973 : (957)Coffee flavored coffee....
Tavie : (957)Too starstruck too drink. Why do I GET like this? I've seen online celebs before.
LKW1973 : (957)Not me--this is the first time that someone I *really* like has been online like this! :)
Zolivine : (957)My mother keeps asking me who Scott is...
Tavie : (957)Me too! This is my first with an actual Kid. I missed Bruce and Dave.
LKW1973 : (957)Sheesh, Tavie, you've *talked* to Scott before on the radio, haven't ya??
Tavie : (957)My mother keeps asking me to ask Scott to make an all-Buddy movie.
LKW1973 : (957):-)
Tavie : (957)Yes, I have, and it was nerve-wracking!

PNO Paige: Hang on girls... we'll all get it together in a second! ;)

AYoungOne : (957)Got Super 8-1/2 finally, btw
LKW1973 : (957)Aw, I've got faith in ya, kid :)
AYoungOne : (957)Speaking of a Buddy movie.

PNO Paige: I want Scott as much as you do ;) hang on...

LKW1973 : (957)A Buddy Movie would be awesome!
AYoungOne : (957)Too bad he was cut out of Brain Candy
LKW1973 : (957)is PNO talking to us?
Zolivine : (957)What would it be called??!
Tavie : (957)Could be.
Mr Tisane : (957)Drat. Scottland folks are in Row 4.
Tavie : (957)Aww.
LKW1973 : (957)Hmmm....good question Katy....
Tavie : (957)Hey. *I'm* a Scottland person.
Zolivine : (957)Me too...
Tavie : (957)I'm Citizen #16, dammit.
Mr Tisane : (957)Well, yeah...well, you know.
LKW1973 : (957)I have citizenship---if that counts... :p
Zolivine : (957)haven't been there for a while, though...

PNO Paige: We're still trying to "connect" .... please be patient

LKW1973 : (957)my computer is so darn slow, I get impatient trying to use the chat area :(
Tavie : (957)Aww, Erin is stuck in 71.
Zolivine : (957)If there was a Boddy movie...what kind of reviews do you think it would get?
LKW1973 : (957)I have a question---if I want to ask Scott a question, do I click on "interact?"
Tavie : (957)Yup.
Zolivine : (957)yup.
Tlyco : (957)click interact, type, press send question.

ScottTmpsn: &Still no

LKW1973 : (957)Thanks. :) Never done this before.
Tlyco : (957)Tho you could have figured that out ;o)
Zolivine : (957)I haven't asked any ?' brain is blank
LKW1973 : (957):-)
Mr Tisane : (957)Gee, I wonder where Comploser is.
Tavie : (957)Me too.
Zolivine : (957)or BlackDragn !
LKW1973 : (957)Is Mike "Stinky Pink" here anywhere?
Tlyco : (957)I have just listened to a whole SMen cd while waiting for this to start...on to the next :o)
LKW1973 : (957)BlackDragon...ha!
Zolivine : (957)seems like he *really* should be here...
Tavie : (957)lol
AYoungOne : (957)Sort of a slow night, except for Tavie The Famous One!

ScottTmpsn: &Paige, why don't you say something funny?

LKW1973 : (957)Tay-vee! Tay-vee!!
LKW1973 : (957)(thought I'd feed the ego a little...) ;)

PNO Paige: Girlfriends... please bear with us...

Tavie : (957)Oh, dear.

ScottTmpsn: I'm here. I'm here

ScottTmpsn: Don't leave

Zolivine : (957)as if
Tlyco : (957)Hey, he lost the & now :o)
LKW1973 : (957)lol!
AYoungOne : (957)What a tease
SComp79128 : (957)who'd have thought he'd be asking us not to leave....

PNO Paige: nextq

ScottTmpsn: Start asking questions. I am ready

LKW1973 : (957)yay!
Zolivine : (957)I wonder what he is wearing...
Tavie : (957)Ask him!
LKW1973 : (957)Yes!!
SComp79128 : (957)so ask! :)
Tlyco : (957)His pajamas..oh, that's a Darrill reference
LKW1973 : (957)lol!

Question: Was Brain Candy made with the hopes of becoming "mainstream", and depending on your

Question: feeling on that, were you satisfied with the "cult" status of the movie?

JMcne : (957)psssst
Tlyco : (957)That's mine! :o)

ScottTmpsn: Brain Candy was made basically made it for ourselves. We never made anything with the

I Hecubus : (957)go trista!
Tavie : (957)Aw. Hey, everyone, before your question, type your name like this Tavie: so they have to
Tavie : (957)say your name.
LKW1973 : (957)::::wild cheer!::::

ScottTmpsn: intention of going mainstream. I was hoping that it would do better, so I was personally

ScottTmpsn: disappointed with it's cult status. I wanted it to be our Nevermind.

Tlyco : (957)Good answer, good answer! ;o)
LKW1973 : (957)interesting answer...i wasn't expecting that
Tavie : (957)He go boy.

Question: Last season on Larry Sanders, we didn't see much of "Brian" (probably due to Brain Candy

Question: filming?) can we tune in expecting to see more of you this season?

ScottTmpsn: This year we will not make Brain Candy again, so I will be in every episode.

I Hecubus : (957)lol
Zolivine : (957)lol...not bad!

Question: Hi Scott! Something I have always Danny Husk a boxers or briefs man?

ScottTmpsn: He's boxers.

ScottTmpsn: But he would wear briefs to a boxing match

LKW1973 : (957)lol!!

Question: Hiya Scott! Loved your past work, but what are you doing now, or have planned for the

Question: future?

ScottTmpsn: I am going to repeat all of my past work

Question: are there any plans for a kith tour in the near future?

ScottTmpsn: Plans?

ScottTmpsn: No...fears

Tlyco : (957)You go meridith!

Question: Hi Scott! I'm a huge patron of ScottLand and I saw your interview on C-Net a few weeks

Question: ago. Could you tell me what's going on around there?

I Hecubus : (957)lol

ScottTmpsn: Things have gotten bleaker since then.

ScottTmpsn: Two weeks before D-day. If I don't get a sponsor in two weeks, I am pulling the plug.

Question: Do you ever see any of the old gang from Kid In The Hall? Really loved your comedy!

ScottTmpsn: Yes, I see all of them here and then. Never together.

Tavie : (957)Dammit.
Zolivine : (957)hmph.

ScottTmpsn: The last time we were all together it was in a sushi restaurant in May and we all got

Tavie : (957)They best not close down Scottland.

ScottTmpsn: really drunk and intimidated David Spade. That worked out so well, we may do it again

Question: i just recently saw BRAIN CANDY you were great!!! do you relate at all to the GAY

Question: character who suddely(with the help of the happy pill) realizes who he is?

LKW1973 : (957)LMAO!\
Tavie : (957)

ScottTmpsn: Do I relate to him? No. He's me. I wrote him, but no. Except for his moustache.

ScottTmpsn: I find that sexy.

Tavie : (957)LOL!
Zolivine : (957)hehehehe

Question: do all of "THE KIDS" get along are you freinds as well as a comedy troupe???? -KYNDRYD-

ScottTmpsn: Well... we're like five brothers. Therefore, at any one time, two brothers hate each

ScottTmpsn: other, and two others are discovering the joys of masturbation together.

ScottTmpsn: We don't hate each other right now.

Question: Scott - loved you & other KITH. You are great on Larry Sanders. How did you get on LS?

LKW1973 : (957)Yikes! lol!
Zolivine : (957)oh, boy.

ScottTmpsn: Garry Shandling asked me. Just like that.

AYoungOne : (957)And the fifth one likes to watch?
Tavie : (957)lol!!

ScottTmpsn: Hi Mark. Is that you really?

LKW1973 : (957)ha!!
Zolivine : (957)
Tavie : (957)Oh, my.
Zolivine : (957)Mark?!
I Hecubus : (957)huh?
Tlyco : (957)I'm lost...
Tavie : (957)Goodness.

Question: Are you planning to join the cast of Saturday Night Live? I heard a rumor about this.

ScottTmpsn: No. I am certainly not. But I planning on starting a rumor that I am.

Zolivine : (957)good answer!

Question: scott,i just want you to know that your making a stand about yourself on t.v. gave me a

Question: lot of courage to face my own sexuality-i guess what im trying to say is that you helped me to

Question: understand is that im as good as everyone else-thank you!!

Tavie : (957)Ade, were you just in 666??
AYoungOne : (957)?!? Mark doesn't have an aol account --

ScottTmpsn: Thank you.

Question: Scott..Do you get a lot of flak for the gay routines even though you are gay?

AYoungOne : (957)Tavie, I wanted to see who was there and hit the wrong button, so I came back quickly

ScottTmpsn: I think actually especially because I am gay.

Tavie : (957)

ScottTmpsn: Though it has been a while. Flak is a little redundant. I did get a lot.

Question: did playing homosexual characters help you to come out of the closet, or were you always

Question: open about it?

ScottTmpsn: That was how I came out. Buddy Cole is what brought me out of the closet.

Tavie : (957)"Hello, I'm Scott Thompson, and I'm the gay one."

Question: Hey Scotty boy, any new films coming out? with YOU in them? Nejafur

ScottTmpsn: Yes. I am in a movie called Highjacking Hollywood with Henry Thomas

ScottTmpsn: And I am doing one right now called Hayseed, which will be out next year

Zolivine : (957)What happened to P.A. in L.A.?

ScottTmpsn: The two cheapest independent films in North America

Question: What is the funniest moment you can recall doing "KIDS" or "BRAIN CANDY"? the one that

Question: made you crack up the most?

ScottTmpsn: On the very first show, a seranading violinist, an old guy fell in love with Kevin. He

Tlyco : (957)let the transcript show a long pause.......

Question: Who else is gay in the Kids gang?

ScottTmpsn: thought he was a real woman. It was very funny.

ScottTmpsn: Nobody.

LKW1973 : (957)lol!!

Question: Scott... How old were you when you knew you were interested in making people laugh?

Zolivine : (957)ha ha!!

ScottTmpsn: Ummm...... young.... A very old ten.

AYoungOne : (957)I swear to god on a stack of bibles -- it's JUST SCOTT.
Tavie : (957)ROTFLMAO

Question: I hope the technical problems are over with, because I'm a BIG fan of yours. Who is your

Question: favorite character to play on Kids in the Hall?

LKW1973 : (957)LOL!!
Zolivine : (957):D

ScottTmpsn: Fran.

Tavie : (957)You guys WOULD tell me if your questions came up, right? ::glare::
LKW1973 : (957)Oh my God I love Fran! I will be Fran when I get older!!!!
SComp79128 : (957)I can't think of anything good to ask....
LKW1973 : (957)I just sent one Taves....I'll let ya know :)
Zolivine : (957)I LOVE Fran, too!!

PNO Paige: -del

AYoungOne : (957)I've sent in a half dozen, but they haven't been chosen
Tavie : (957)I've sent in like 30.
Tlyco : (957)I'm 2 for 5 pretty good :o)
AYoungOne : (957)Congrats!
LKW1973 : (957)how do they decide which ones to use i wonder?
Tavie : (957)Which ones?
I Hecubus : (957)yes!!!
Tlyco : (957)I think mine were the first two.
Tlyco : (957)Yeah, Meridith is back!

Question: I thought the movie was great,but hoped there would be more of the characters from the

Question: T.V. show used

I Hecubus : (957)goddamn aol!!! booting me in the middle of scott!!!

ScottTmpsn: We decided it would be a lot cooler to do new characters. We thought it would seem too

ScottTmpsn: much like every other SNL movie that has come before. We thought it would be fresher.

Question: Any more Kids in the hall movies or not?

LKW1973 : (957)i agree w/that answer
Tlyco : (957)That's what makes KITH special isn't it?
AYoungOne : (957)I sent in one about Super 8-1/2, so we'll see if he answers questions about naughty movies

ScottTmpsn: If people continue to rent it like they are, then there may be.

LKW1973 : (957)heh heh heh.... should I ask about "Room Serviced?" :)
Zolivine : (957)yes!!!
SComp79128 : (957)yay!

ScottTmpsn: We won't do it again with those whores over at Paramount, but I would love another

Tavie : (957)Woo hoO!!!!
LKW1973 : (957)Doh! Meow!

ScottTmpsn: chance at kicking the can.

Question: Scott - are you gonna channel Bette Davis for us tonight?

ScottTmpsn: I say whore affectionately. I come from a family of whores.

ScottTmpsn: Yeah.... any night.

LKW1973 : (957)oh my GOD! this man is too funny

Question: Scott, will you be attending the first annual GLAMA (Gay and Lesbian Music Awards)

Question: Ceremony in NYC in October?

ScottTmpsn: Not if you paid me a hundred gay dollars.

Tlyco : (957)

Zolivine : (957):::snickering:::
Tavie : (957)I cannot stop laughing
AYoungOne : (957)That was great -- someone in the audience is pissed right now! And no red ribbon?!

Question: Will you be going to Washington, DC for the Names Project Quilt display (also in October)?

AYoungOne : (957)Uh oh
Tavie : (957)Dear Lord.

ScottTmpsn: I haven't been asked. I don't see it in my future.

ScottTmpsn: I have seen the quilt. It is magnificent.

Question: Do you like milk, do you like spaghetti, and do you like Cherry Coke? When you order a

Question: soft drink in a restaurant, do you order it with ice in it?

ScottTmpsn: I order my spaghetti with ice.

LKW1973 : (957)whole lotta milka!!!
Tavie : (957)lol
Zolivine : (957)and do you call it soda or pop?!
LKW1973 : (957)should we ask if he calls it soda or pop?
AYoungOne : (957)OK -- whose question is this?

Question: What is the funniest thing about money?

ScottTmpsn: The Canadian two dollar coin.

LKW1973 : (957)::::snicker::::

ScottTmpsn: That you can use it to buy balloons.

Question: Will you marry me for citizenship? Josh can come! :D

Tavie : (957)There. THAT one is mine.

ScottTmpsn: Forget Josh! :)

AYoungOne : (957)I KNEW it! :)
Tlyco : (957)I knew that! lol.
LKW1973 : (957)GO girl!
AYoungOne : (957)!!!!!
SComp79128 : (957)you go Tavie!

Question: so wats the deal with KITH, is it over or not, iv heard both...?

LKW1973 : (957)hahahaha!! Tavie you're awesome
Tlyco : (957)That's to the point
Zolivine : (957)YES! YES! YES! YES!

ScottTmpsn: No more shows. You know as much as we do. We are in limbo.

Question: What project are you working on now? Do you ever go on the road?

ScottTmpsn: I am going on the road myself in October. Right now working on Hayseed.

Question: So what has been the most difficult thing about being openly gay in the entertainment

Question: industry?

ScottTmpsn: Meeting girls.

I Hecubus : (957)rofl!!
Zolivine : (957)lol
Tavie : (957)ROTFL
Tlyco : (957)roflmao!

Question: Why on earth did you guys give it up to CBS? It was like a secret club before that.

SComp79128 : (957)rotflmao!!
LKW1973 : (957)hee!

ScottTmpsn: We wouldn't have but we needed the money after HBO got rid of us.

ScottTmpsn: It still remained a secret club. Primetime is not 2:30 in the morning

Question: How come the Kids in the Hall movie got such a limited showing? It didn't even reach my

Question: town.

LKW1973 : (957)awww...if it weren't for CBS i never would've seen them again!

ScottTmpsn: Because it was full of drugs, homosexuality and subversion. Censorship

Question: Can you dance?

ScottTmpsn: Like a banchee

Tavie : (957)That oe was mine too! The Can you Dance one!
LKW1973 : (957):::cheering!::::
I Hecubus : (957): )
SComp79128 : (957)yay Tavie!!
Zolivine : (957)woo-freakin'-hoo!

Question: Are there any consistent places or people that you get inspiration (for material) from?

LKW1973 : (957)they still haven't picked any of my q's yet

ScottTmpsn: My family.

AYoungOne : (957)Yea Taves!

Question: I loved Boys in the Hall - but whatever happened to Kevin macDonald? he was my favorite

Question: Boy (next to you, of course)

LKW1973 : (957)Boys???
Zolivine : (957)LOL!!!!!

ScottTmpsn: Kevin is trying to get work in LA right now. He is my favorite too.

I Hecubus : (957)what???

Question: Is it true Brain Candy had a different ending and if so did you think it was better? Jen

SComp79128 : (957)boys?? oh my god....hee hee
LKW1973 : (957)The Boys In The Band????

ScottTmpsn: Yes it did. I honestly liked this one better.

Question: Scott...Do you get a lot of flak from gay orginizations for some of your routines..eeven

Question: though yuo are gay yourself

ScottTmpsn: I would love to get some flak. It would mean they were paying attention.

AYoungOne : (957)The first ending sucked, I'm glad they used that one too.
Tlyco : (957)deja vu.
LKW1973 : (957)ok no fair--that's already been asked, and my questions were better!

ScottTmpsn: It would be better than the gigantic yawn I have received. I would like to go on record a

ScottTmpsn: as saying that I have never been honored by any gay organizations.

Question: Do you have shoes on?

JMcne : (957)Why aren't they picking MY ?'s!!!

ScottTmpsn: Flip flops right now. It is very chilly up here in Toronto, but I won't let go of LA

LKW1973 : (957)TAvie!!! LMAO!
Tlyco : (957)lol!!
I Hecubus : (957) you have connections up there on that stage?

ScottTmpsn: It poured here yesterday, and I loved it.

Zolivine : (957)I thought it sounded like a Tavie question....
I Hecubus : (957)taive?? tavie...

Question: How's it going Scott? Did you steal my popcorn? ha What are you doing in Toronto? Love

Question: that city, was there in the spring...followed Hugh Grant around for a few minutes(small thrill).

Tavie : (957)I dunno, but it sure is fun!

ScottTmpsn: I am following Divine Brown. She is hear in Toronto. I hear she gives great BJ.

LKW1973 : (957)oh yeah--well Tavie non-stalked DAVe!! ha ha!

Question: Scott, you said on TV that Scottland was in some financial straits -- people in the

Question: newsgroup want to help somehow -- what would you suggest?

ScottTmpsn: She got a lot of work here at the film festival.

ScottTmpsn: Send money now!

Question: Have you ever met The queen of England?

ScottTmpsn: I met here when I was ten. I didn't really meet her, but I was with my mother when

Tlyco : (957)she was attacked by a mountie! ;o)
JMcne : (957)I like THAT ?
Tavie : (957)LOL!

ScottTmpsn: the Queen came to visit my town for its 100th anniversary. My mother broke through

LKW1973 : (957)oh man i forgot about that!!!
LKW1973 : (957)this is hysterical!
Tlyco : (957)Oh, I ruined the ending!

Question: Did you catch any grief for having farted as Elizabeth Windsor?

ScottTmpsn: a barricade and touched her hem.

ScottTmpsn: Grief? No.

Question: Do you ever have any problems with fans stalking you?

ScottTmpsn: I thought you meant the wreath. I caught the bouquet.

Zolivine : (957)ha!
LKW1973 : (957)hahahah!

ScottTmpsn: Yes. Once in LA this girl came up to me at a stop sign and told me she had been

ScottTmpsn: following me for a couple of hours. I told her to stop it and then I went to a friends

LKW1973 : (957)Tavie---you weren't in L.A. were you??
Tlyco : (957)rofl!
LKW1973 : (957);-)

ScottTmpsn: house and when I came out there was a note on the car that said "I am still following you"

Zolivine : (957)eeeeeek!

ScottTmpsn: That was weird. But it is always girls.

LKW1973 : (957)oh man...
Tlyco : (957)there is a fine line between....
Tavie : (957)Woah.

Question: So many great comedians, such as yourself, are from Canada. Is this a coincidence, or is

Question: there something in the water up there?

I Hecubus : (957)that's an original question
Tlyco : (957)ISn't that a CONAN question?

ScottTmpsn: Yes, it is something in the water called e-coli bacteria

Tavie : (957)Yes it is!
I Hecubus : (957)lol

Question: If you could pick anyone gay or straight to work with, who would it be and why?

ScottTmpsn: Hmmm... anybody in the world?

Tavie : (957)Kip sent in the stalking one!

ScottTmpsn: Let me think about that one.

LKW1973 : (957)go Kip!

ScottTmpsn: Jennifer Saunders. That would be good.

ScottTmpsn: Rowan Atkinson

LKW1973 : (957)Woo hoo!!! Oh My GOD!!! How cool would that be????
I Hecubus : (957)yes! rowan!!

ScottTmpsn: P.J. Harvey

AYoungOne : (957)the Scottland question was mine -- I asked it an hour ago -- sos there's hope!
Zolivine : (957)Scott and Jenifer Saunders would be AWESOME!!!

PNO Paige: Any last words, Scott?

Tavie : (957)NOOOOO!!!!!
Zolivine : (957)last words?

ScottTmpsn: Thanks for having me.

ScottTmpsn: Bye all

I Hecubus : (957)um..hello??
LKW1973 : (957)no fair!! hasn't even been an hour!!!

PNO Paige: We have to finish up everyone...

SComp79128 : (957)awwwwww.......that didn't last long enough.

PNO Paige: Scott, thank you so much for coming...

Tavie : (957)That's not a full hour!
Tlyco : (957)he's gone...

PNO Paige: and thank you to all your fans, for attending



 Trista Lycosky (Tlyco in this chat...)

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