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Scott: Larry Sanders Bio

Scott Thompson, 35, was born in North Bay and raised in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.

He studied drama at York University in Toronto and after three years he was kindly asked to leave for 'disruptive behavior.'*

Aside from playing Hank Kingsley's new (openly gay) assistant Brian, Thompson might look very familiar to HBO viewers. For six seasons he was a permanent staple on the ground- breaking HBO sketch comedy show the "Kids in the Hall," for which, in 1990, he was nominated for a CableACE Award for Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

Thompson, a loyal LARRY SANDERS fan, himself, recalls how he joined the cast last year, "After 'Kids...' folded I sort of ran away for two months until my manager called and said, 'Garry Shandling is looking for you.' I know he was a 'Kids in the Hall' fan but I think it was actually my appearence on Conan O'Brien's show that helped. Garry liked the way I was and I think he really wanted a gay character, and wanted him to be something different."**

Regarding his SANDERS character, Thompson says, "Brian is very maternal and I think he really wants to take care of Hank. I want Brian not be self-centered but kind and giving, since everybody else is so dark and selfish. I think Hank and I have a really good relationship and I know Jeffrey [Tambor] and I have really good chemistry."**

Thompson assures us that well- organized Brian is completely unlike him. "I actually thought to myself, if I can make Brian like that, then maybe it would rub off in my own life, maybe I'd clean up my room."**

SANDERS role has been exclusive to acting, he does express interest in writing for the show. He says, "They're very open there. If anyone says a better line, Garry [Shandling] will use it. If Qaddafi had a better line, he would use it."***

** Herald & News (October 6, 1995)
*** US (April 1996)

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 Trista Lycosky

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