A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

The Kids' Work

This section addresses the project the Kids in the Hall worked on together as a group. To see more about individual projects or projects in which less than the five members worked on, see the Kid member pages.

This section will begin only with the Kids in the Hall TV show and Brain Candy. At some later time it may include the 2000 tour or past stage performances.

 The Kids in the Hall Show (1988-1995) - episode guide, transcripts, and other information.

 Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996) - reviews, cast, soundtrack, transcript, and other information.

 The Stage- information dedicated to their stage peformances.

*  Transcripts- For the first four years of its existence this page was dedicated to transcripts. Because of the reordering of this site, the path is less direct to transcripts. If you simply want transcripts, this is a list of all transcripts (not filed under season, show, Kid, or any other method.) However, you can use the search engine provided on the page to attempt to locate specific skits more easily.

I've been asked by Broadway Video to provide this disclaimer... I present you with

The Disclaimer of DUH:

Although these are NOT actual scripts but are, instead, fans' recollections of their favorite sketches, please be reminded that the copyrights to the scripts and the shows, themselves, are owned by Broadway Video, Inc. Therefore, these materials may not be duplicated, published or exploited in any way.
I would also hope they are also owned by The Kids in the Hall as well--my bit... sorry.


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