A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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The Official Usenet FAQ

Until 1995, maintained an official FAQ. That FAQ is still available on the web, but is painfully outdated. In 2000, Bethany Cramer revived the FAQ. On the web, the FAQ will be available at this site. Bethany updates the FAQ early each month.

 Part One- Answer basic KITH questions.

 Part Two- Detailed information on each Kid and answers truly "Frequently Asked Questions."

 Part Three- Gives addresses to online presences, answers questions about Shadowy Men, merchandise, and contains the submission and contributor information.

 Part Four- Answers questions about and FAQs.


Note: With Bethany's permission, information from the FAQ is intertwined with this site. For instance, if you are looking to find out all about Dave, visit Dave's page on this site and you will receive the info on him from the FAQ as well as media not covered by the scope of the FAQ. This was done in order to not accidently duplicate work done for the FAQ or in any way "compete" with the FAQ.


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