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Scott: Planet Out / AOL Bio

09/23 Actor/Comic Scott Thompson 11:00pm ET (Coliseum)

Six years as a member of the famed comedy group, KIDS IN THE HALL, allowed Scott Thompson to bring his outlandish comedic powers to bear in some of the funniest portrayals skit television has ever seen. From his priceless portrayal of gay bar fly Buddy Cole to his glowing parody of the Queen of England on the hit HBO series (KIDS IN THE HALL), Scott proved that he's anything but your average stand-up comic. With a feature film under his belt and an online virtual world he can call his own (SCOTTLAND), Scott is the newest regular cast member of the critically acclaimed HBO series, THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW, where he's enjoyed good reviews and a chance to continue developing his comedic skills.

Before catapulting to television, the World Wide Web, and the big screen, Scott was a member of the Toronto comedy circuit, the Love Cats. KIDS IN THE HALL, which aired on CBC and CBS after a six-year run on HBO, now appears regularly on Comedy Central. Scott reprises such classic characters as Buddy Cole and the Queen of England on his virtual internet site, SCOTTLAND, where he and his audience develop story lines for the characters.

[Scott was the guest for a chat on AOL, hosted by Planet Out, on Sept. 23, 1996. This is the bio that was written to promote the event on AOL.]



 Trista Lycosky

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