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Troupe History

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The Kids In The Hall are a sketch comedy troupe which formed in Toronto in 1984. In 1988, the "Kids" made a pilot episode for a sketch show which was produced by Lorne Michaels. A series followed--five seasons, in fact, aired from 1989-1994, and continues on in reruns all around the world. In 1994, they ended the show and have moved onto other projects. In 2000, the "Kids" reunited for a North American tour.


Troupe Trivia

 The name: The name "Kids in the Hall" refers to Jack Benny. Jack Benny would sometimes take jokes from young writers who stood outside the studio; when he used one of their jokes he said, "This one's from one of the kids in the hall." The name was chosen as a name for "the now," without the realization they would probably remain "Kids" for the rest of their lives.
 Drag: The Kids in the Hall did have women in their troupe; but they were continually woed away from the troupe for other projects. The guys felt doing skits only about "guy stuff" would be incredibly boring and limited, so they started playing the women roles themselves. On stage, the "woman" was designated by some prop - a red sweatshirt, for example - when they got their series, they realized they would have to make their "women" look and act more convincingly.


Troupe TV/Radio Interviews

 Yo, Canada!--Answering "Why are Canadians so funny?" (July 1, 1995)
See below for RealVideo of this appearance.
 Higgins Boys and Gruber Show--Various bits. (1989-90?)
 Brain Candy Related--See for Brain Candy related articles/reviews and articles from the Brain Candy release time period.


Troupe Print Interviews/Articles

 Show Related--See for articles/reviews about the tv show.
 Brain Candy Related--See for Brain Candy related articles/reviews and articles from the Brain Candy release time period.


Other Text

 Troupe Timeline- When Brain Candy was released, there was an official site for the movie. One of the items on the site was a timeline of the troupe's history.


Troupe Images

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Other Media

 Yo! Canada- RealVideo of the appearance. (56K modem recommended.)
See above for transcript only.


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 Barb's Kids in the Hall Page
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