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Thanks for having enough interest in helping the site to visit this page. This site has always depended in fans to contribute things. That fact is now more true than ever. Ongoing help is need in obtaining both transcripts and info for pages. Additionally, there will be a need for "permanent" volunteers as I (Trista) give up certain tasks in an effort to have the site updated on a more regular basis. I'll announce here "positions" available as I'm ready to have them filled.

If you see any page on this site where you can add something - a transcript, game, etc. - then great and thank you in advance! If it's anything other than a transcript, write and say what it is, then depending on what it is I'll tell you where to send or upload it. If it's a transcript, send it in the body of an email (no attachments) to Be sure to say from where you transcribed it (Comedy Central, CBC, HBO, CBS, etc.), your full name, and if you'd like your email and homepage and/or KITH page listed on the contributor page. Not sure if the skit you want to send has already been transcribed? Send an email to the season the skit is in:,,,, and/or (No need for a subject, or message in the email. The mail doesn't go to a person.) You'll get an automated reply with a list of skits not yet transcribed, those "claimed," and those transcribed but not yet on the site.

What You Get Out It

Because this site operates at a loss, you're not going to "make" anything out of helping. All that can be offered is your name on the contributors page, with a link to your home and/or kith page (if you have either), credit on the pages you contributed to, and the thank you from the Kids in the Hall fan community which appreciates your time and effort.

"Permanent" Volunteers will also receive a personal email account (separate from any that may be used in completion of your duties) for as long as they volunteer. Additional "benefits" may be given as I think them up. :o)


Help Currently Needed

 Status: Volunteer
1) Find any page on this site that has an "Adopt-A" remark on the bottom of the page. This means the page is in need of a contributor. The pages most in need of contributors right now are the Stage section and Episode Pages (transcripts!). Your task is to pick a page and contribute enough text to make that page as complete as possible.
2) The "Adopt-A" pages does not include submitting pictures or other media, UNLESS you are the originator of that media. (IE, you scanned in a photo of Dave from a magazine; you did NOT find the image on another webpage.)
 Benefits: You get credited by name on the page(s) you contribute to and on the contributor page. On the contributor page, you also get a link to your email, home page, and kith page (if you have 'em and if you want 'em listed.)
 Notes: Do not just Adopt-a-page on your own and submit the information. Write to say what page(s) you want to adopt to be sure no one else has adopted it. I'll give you the go ahead. Submit the information in text form (copy it into the body of an email; DO NOT ATTACH ANYTHING TO THE EMAIL) to the email address I give you. If you are submitting any pictures or other media, notify me BEFORE sending the files so I can tell you where to upload them. (Files will NOT be submitted by email.)


Help Needed In The Future

Don't write me now to tell me you're interested, but perhaps think about possibilities. As people get more familiar with the KITH Palace, it'd be cool to get some regular chat hosts to 1) be around the palace, 2) help newbies, 3) keep any trouble makers in line, and 4) attract people to the palace. Also, game hosts to 1) host games, 2) do the preparation for the games, oh and 3) think of games that require no coding. It may be a lonely thing to do an hour a week....unless you can get people to attend.


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