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Vital Facts

 Full Name- Bruce Ian McCulloch
 Birthdate- May 12, 1961
 Hometown(s)- outside Edmonton, AB
 Family- Tracy Ryan (wife, 2003-present), one daughter (b. 2005?)



Bruce grew up an only child in Calgary as "a moody kid." After high school, Bruce studied at Mount Royal College, majoring in journalism and public relations. He didn't graduate, but instead he began performing with TheatreSports and the Loose Moose Theater Company, where he met up with Mark McKinney. Together, they formed along with two other comedians, formed the comedy troupe The Audience. Mark and Bruce moved together to Toronto where they joined up with Dave and Kevin's The Kids In the Hall.



 Bruce is left-handed.
 Bruce is the shortest member of the troupe, but he's comfortable with his C-height.
 Bruce was nominated for the Cable Ace Best Actor in a Comedy for KITH in 1990, the Best Original Screenplay at the Genie Awards in 2000 for Dog Park, and was nominated for two awards at the 2000 Canadian Comedy Awards again for Dog Park in the Original Writing for a Film and Film Direction Categories.


TV/Radio Interviews

 The Daily Show With Jon Stewart-- Interview with the "nice" Kid in the Hall and the "prettiest" Kid in the Hall. (September 30, 1999)
 CBC Radio--What he's been up to. (April, 1997)
 Mad TV-- Monologue with topics. (May 25, 1996)
 Late Night With Conan O'Brien-- Promotes Shame-Based Man and shows clips. (Late May, 1995)


Print Articles/Interviews

 The Stranger--"Sugar and Malice" (April 10-16, 1996)
 Spin Magazine--"Kid in the Hall of Shame." (July 1995)
 Maclean's--"The Demonic Comic." (May 1995)
 Toronto Star--"The Kid is brilliant, behind the laughs." (April 15, 1995)
 Raygun--Interview of Bruce by Juliana Hatfield (April 1995)
 Atlantic Records--Interview of Bruce. (April 1995)
 Axcess--"A Kid In The Hall Grows Up." (1995)



 Spin Magazine AOL Conference-- Take questions from AOLers. (April 12, 1995)
 Bruce's Brain Candy bio
 I Read The Bible-- Unreleased song
 Bruce Interview with Suicide Girls--Promoting the San Francisco Sketch Comedy Festival, 2005



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Other Media

 Vacation- RealVideo of Vacation (aka Eraserhead). (56K modem recommended)


TV & Filmography

Actor - Film
 Dick (1999) .... Carl Bernstein
 Dog Park (1998) .... Jeff
 Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996) .... Alice/Cisco/Cop/White trash man/Grivo/Cancer Boy
 Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982) (uncredited) .... Cadet on Bridge

Actor - TV
"Twitch City" (1998) .... Rex Reilly
 "Kids in the Hall, The" (1989)
 Anne of Avonlea (1987) .... Fred Wright

Stage Work
Slightly Bigger Cities which toured Western Canada in 1997 and Eastern Canada in 1999 (the first run was produced by One Yellow Rabbit and the second was a Crow's Theatre Production)
 Trapped on a Lawn Chair ... one-man show written and performed by Bruce (done for Tarragon Theatre)
 Jazz Stenographer ... same as above (done for Tarragon Theatre)
 Two Headed Roommate ... same as above (done for Tarragon/Citadel Theatres)

Superstar (1999)
 Dog Park (1998)
 Coleslaw Warehouse (1992)
 "Saturday Night Live"(1994-1995)
 "Kids in the Hall, The" (1989) (multiple episodes)

Dog Park (1998)
 Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy (1996)
 "Kids in the Hall, The" (1989)
 "Saturday Night Live"(1985-1986, 1994-1995)

 Shame-Based Man (1995, Atlantic Records)


Dedicated Links

 McCulloch Mania


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