A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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Brain Candy Bios

The following bios were contained on the official Brain Candy website.

Dave | Bruce | Kevin | Mark | Scott


Dave Foley

Dave Foley was born and raised in Toronto. He dropped out of high school to get a head start on his real life: writing stand-up comedy. This led him to Second City's comedy workshops, where he teamed up with Kevin McDonald before the duo merged with the other three members of The Kids in the Hall. Foley's current on-air television personna is Dave Nelson on the NBC series NewsRadio.


Bruce McCulloch

Bruce McCulloch was born in Edmonton, Alberta. He studied journalism at college before graduating to the hard stuff: writing comedy. In Calgary, he met Mark McKinney and Norm Hiscock, and they pooled their talents into the troupe, The Audience. He and Mark eventually moved to Toronto to join The Kids in the Hall. Bruce's Atlantic Records debut album, Shame- Based Man, combines music and the spoken word; it was released last Spring. He has made several short films for Saturday Night Live, and is the author of three plays, which have been performed in theaters across Canada.


Kevin McDonald

Kevin McDonald started life in Montreal, and later studied drama at college in Toronto. When he finally got serious about his career, he joined the Second City Comedy Workshop, where he teamed up with Dave Foley to form the beginnings of The Kids in the Hall. McDonald has been performing and writing for the comedy troupe for ten years.

Mark McKinney

Mark McKinney was born in Ottawa, but as the son of a diplomat, he spent his childhood living is exotic locales like Trinidad and Tobago, Paris and Washington, D.C. He tried college, but gave it all up for the bright lights of....Calgary. His comic talents flourished on such fertile ground, and he formed a troupe with Bruce McCulloch and future Kids writer Norm Hiscock called The Audience. Mark and Bruce ventured back east to Toronto, where they met up with the future members of The Kids in the Hall. Mark joined the cast of NBC's Saturday Night Live in January 1995.

Scott Thompson

Born in North Bay, Ontario, Scott Thompson grew up in Brampton, Ontario. He attended York University in Toronto, where he studied acting -- but was kicked out during his final year for acting up (the administration called it "being disruptive"). In 1984, Scott collided with The Kids in the Hall, becoming their fifth member. Scott is tearing up the airwaves weekly as Brian on HBO's The Larry Sanders Show. He is also all over the web, with his own web site that he humbly calls Scottland.


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