A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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Bruce: Spin AOL Conference (April 12, 1995)

Conference held by Spin Magazine on April 12, 1995

Question: Bruce is in Toronto tonight. He has a ghost typist, so don't blame him for typos and misspellings.

NapSPIN: Hi Bruce.

BruceMcClh: Hello there

NapSPIN: Let's get some questions going.

Question: Have you always been musical, Bruce? Do you play any instruments on your new album?

BruceMcClh: Um, I played Recorder in grade 3 but then the spit started to scare me. I dont play anything on my new record. The world desn't need another guitarist.

NapSPIN: trista1:

Question: Will any music videos be made for any tracks on "Shame-Based Man"?

BruceMcClh: I will be making one i dont know which one yet, maybe ansering machine? I made a short film of eraserhead for SNL and maybe we'll use that as the video

NapSPIN: I'd just like to say that we called Bruce (He's in Toronto right now) and he does, in fact screen... his calls.

BruceMcClh: yes i do

Question: NStockdale: for bruce mcculloch: Will you eventually direct a feature film? I think your short fims are brilliant!

BruceMcClh: Well thank you Sir or Madam unless of course you are a group of people. I will direct a feature I've written one called : work that lauren Michaels company is setting up for me

NapSPIN: GrClemon:

Question: Bruce.. why wasn't the Terrier song on your album (which is amazing by the way)? Any hopes of it being a B-side on a CD single or something. Is there a single?

BruceMcClh: Oh, Terrier's I've forgot all about it. I knew I had forgotten something & I kept thinking it was Happy Birthday The Terriers....It seems to much to me lke the days I know & since I've bought a poodle I don't want to be a phoney

NapSPIN: Jaquineta:

Question: Is there any hope of a Kids in the Hall Reunion?

BruceMcClh: Well sad to say contrary to popular belief the Kids in the Hall have not broken up In fact we are together in a room eating sandwiches discussing the porduction schedule on a film we are doing this summer

NapSPIN: Tell us more about the film KITH are working on...

BruceMcClh: We re not supposed to talk about it but i will It's called the Drug although Scott hates the title It's a narrative about a ficticious Drug that moves through society and we're still writing it

NapSPIN: Trista1:

Question: To fill the necessary US conference "Barbara Walters" requirement: If you are what you eat, what are you?

BruceMcClh: Coffee
and most importantly myself

NapSPIN: Soft4You:

Question: Do you plan on doing movies like the SNL crew?

BruceMcClh: I might do some more short films but as far as BIG TIME COMEDY i'm more interested in doing my own stuff or stuff with the kids

NapSPIN: Nstockdal:

Question: What is the character from Kids in the Hall that you relate with the most?

BruceMcClh: Well it changes for a while i thought it ws cabbage head when i thought i was going through a bad time for about an hour one night i thought it was the flying pig and now as i sit in my glasses watching TV I think it's kathy


Question: I heard you killed a man before, is that true? and if so what did you use to get the flesh out from under yourfingernails?

BruceMcClh: Clearly if i killed a man or say a group of men i wouldn't as we used to say around the warehouse blab about it

NapSPIN: Stansrock:

Question: Bruce, are you happy or angry at Mark McKinney getting the lead role in TALKRADIO?

BruceMcClh: Well i'm confused `cause it's dave who got the lead but don't worry i always mix those guys up too and in truth i mix up happy & angry alot

NapSPIN: APbond:

Question: Bruce: how does it feel to be an international sex symbol?

BruceMcClh: Well I haven't spoken to Fabio recently but i he returns my lipstick written letter I'll tell you

NapSPIN: DonnaJuan:

Question: Bruce, how did you come up with the flying pig skit ?

BruceMcClh: one day i was walking past a bank machine and as i always do i imagine weird things going on around me i thought of the flying pig. it seemed and idea too stupid for our show but i wrote it up anyway

NapSPIN: GZiel:

Question: I have been getting disconected from AOL constantly. Usually 2-3 times per use. It is stating an error in my What can I do to stop this??

BruceMcClh: Go to the graveyard and complain about your enemies and look to the stars for what you need that or consult your handbook that should be located on your desk between your phonebook and your bible

NapSPIN: User friendly. You should be a tech support guy.

NapSPIN: Onchan:

Question: Brucio, what do you think about the writing on Saturday Night Live and how much more of your work will you be contributing?

BruceMcClh: I haven't seen SNL it sounds like BullSh*T but it's true

Question: What other bands do you listen to (are influenced by) other than The Doors? (BTW, the album's GREAT!) - Kristin Egan & Jen Wu

BruceMcClh: Well finally you guys took you long enough to call in I love of course the tragicly hip, the black crowes, they might be giants and all that other stuff that you like too

NapSPIN: Beckah:

Question: Bruce where are you?

BruceMcClh: where i always am in my beanbag chair with my unicorn shirt on watching the News

NapSPIN: PHJudy:

Question: Bruce, what is your current love situation?

BruceMcClh: Ummm...hehe pause.............................

NapSPIN: let the record show bruce paused.

BruceMcClh: ................................................................. ...............................................


Question: I love the show. But one question. Why is it that you crossdress so much? It seems...weird, yet strangely humorous.

BruceMcClh: Well we're five guys we started in Canada where as you may know there are no Women. truthfully there are 3 women but we're not good enough for them

NapSPIN: Bruce can you tell us about the bandf you worked with on the new album?

BruceMcClh: The Band was SpearHeaded by Axe Smith Genius and one of my oldest friends Brian connelly Who is the Guitarist from our House Band The Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet and Boby Wiseman who had records out on his own that are fantastic plus the other people like the cello player say.. or just people we woke up in the middle of the night and made them come help us

NapSPIN: Zman890:

Question: do you still eat things for money?

BruceMcClh: Yeah, I eat money for money but unfortunatly I always break even

NapSPIN: LiveElvi:

Question: Name your favorite KITH character?

BruceMcClh: Buddy Cole but will that guy shut up..... I actually really love one of marks newer characters called the please please please guy

NapSPIN: PanthrGir:

Question: Hi Bruce. I want to know who chooses the opera that are in some of your sketches. Do you like opera?

BruceMcClh: Um... I like marching band music you know High school marching band music and the music is chosen probabelly chosen by who ever wrote the sceen your looking at in my case I usually choose the music first

NapSPIN: Euphrasie:

Question: Do you watch the show NewsRadio?

BruceMcClh: I have not seen it but i heard it's very good & uh...

NapSPIN: MPasc7054:

Question: when did you find out that you wanted to go into comedy

BruceMcClh: When i went to buisness school i took a two year course in business and it only lasted two months i started doing improv comedy & i thought to myself finally.............

NapSPIN: Hitch28:

Question: Bruce, you have directed some great episodes for KITH. Do you have any infulences in your filmmaking?

BruceMcClh: well i actually i like rock videos in a way i like Roman polanski and david lynch i guess and thank you by the way

NapSPIN: APbond:

Question: Why the title "Shame-Based Man?"

BruceMcClh: good question i almost calledit spoken weather man i don't know why either. i think Shame based man means that everything we've ever done & seen is in us every hangover or time we yelled at waitness is in us is that too serious?

NapSPIN: Khayne:

Question: What will you be doing now that Kids in the Hall is over

BruceMcClh: Umm...keep working i alwaws think that i am a writer and i've been writing furiosly with the troupe and on my own & I'm doing a lot of stuff that in truth is too soon to talk about

NapSPIN: APbond:

Question: Will you marry me?

BruceMcClh: although I enjoy your persistance having not met you and not being what we used to call the marrying kind i have to say regretfully my sweet love soft shimmering no...............

NapSPIN: that was the most touching moment i've ever seen in an AOL conference room.

Question: Will you be touring the East Coast again?

BruceMcClh: The troupe when we get drunk and hocked up on pancakes like to talk about the BIG tour of yet we havn't quite figured out a time when we all free we hope to do some shows or a "tour" as rock bands call it when our film is done

NapSPIN: Are you going to be touring for your new album -- by yourself or with your band?

BruceMcClh: I've talked about it with the record company in the states & canada. i would like to do some shows just a few if i can figure out timew to do it

NapSPIN: GrClemon:

Question: Where did you get the inspiration for Gavin? Were there ever any Gavin concepts or skits that never made it?

BruceMcClh: I dont know where i got the inspiration for the young Gavin. i will say that the first gavin though i sat down & wrote in about 5 minutes so i think that character must have been knoecking around inside me for a while & i have or had...lots of Gavin ideas that i never wrote up but i guess we can all say that about all our characters

NapSPIN: QualmRock:

Question: Are you still friends with any of the other Kids in the Hall?

BruceMcClh: Although I forget their specific names & the features on their faces I love them very much & see them all the time

NapSPIN: Joood:

Question: Bruce, love ya, babe! I drove all the way to Toronto from Chicago, just to wait in line to maybe get a seat at 'Kids'. Tell me, how do you feel about Dave's recent 'Kids' bashing?

BruceMcClh: First of all the such a long journey just to stand in line next time you should drive from chicago and actually see us and I don't think Dave has done a kith bashing it should all be taken with a sense of humor

NapSPIN: TheCrowMD:

Question: Did Lorne Michaels ask all the Kids to be on SNL?

BruceMcClh: I don't think so id would be weird if we

NapSPIN: Jaxinn:

Question: Bruce, what inspired the roadkil scraper guy sketch? And what does it mean?

BruceMcClh: well like a lot of my stuff i don't know what it means when i write something i usually think of am image or a line of dialog. for me it was a guy lying in bed staring at a fly. i wrote it from there i guess about a guy who dropped out of high school and could never forget it


Question: I think Kids in the Hall are comic geniuses. I'm reminded of Monty Python. Does the show have outside writers, or does all the creative juice come from the Kids.

BruceMcClh: well. i'm sad to say young friend the are over 750000 writng any kid in the hall show. i know that may sound like a lot but in truth there was a couple of guys who really didn't write that much at all

NapSPIN: Beckah:

Question: How do you like Dave Foley's new sitcom? His hair looks sad. We miss the'Kids'...

BruceMcClh: his hair looks sad.... (laughing) what a cool thing to say i haven't seen his show but we are getting together tomorrow at noon & I promise I will sneak a good look at that hair

NapSPIN: Hemoglobn:

Question: Is the french-canadian god awful pop star Mitsou in any way have to do with tammy? why didn't she get a song

BruceMcClh: Uh...I think Tammy is a bit like Mitsou i somehow thought she was like marrilyn monroe i don't think like in looks or something but pout


Question: do you want your own tv series, too?

BruceMcClh: I had my own TV series It was fun. It was a lot of work. i am tired

NapSPIN: ImprovGal:

Question: Do you have a method for creating your material? Does it just come to you or do you have to force yourself to brainstorm?

BruceMcClh: Um...I write a lot but only when I want remember two things or i always try to 1: all writing is improv 2: everything you write doesn't have to be good

NapSPIN: Djinifer:

Question: Do you identify strongly with Jim Morrison-- his life as well as his music??

BruceMcClh: Not really. I see more angst & pain in the work of the Pet Shop Boys than in Mr. M

NapSPIN: Tmac215:

Question: bruce do you smoke marijuana?

BruceMcClh: No I havn't in years & years something about the way people hold it & pass around that i've never understood

NapSPIN: Noombr9:

Question: Where did "Kids in the Hall" get their start?? In high school or something??

BruceMcClh: I knew Mark Mckinny since Calgary. we worked together in college doing improv & writing scenes we moved to toronto & met up with the other guys I think that's how it happened or else we were astronauts....... it's all a blur now.....

NapSPIN: Zelig 1:

Question: bruce, do you believe in an afterlife? if so, please explain your idea of it

BruceMcClh: well thats a good question isn't it.......... um... I think after ones dead other people in their family bolt through thier stufff & devide it that my friend...

NapSPIN: Trypps:

Question: if you could be any bodypart of any celebrity, what part and who?

BruceMcClh: Why does it have to be a celebrity why can't it be a security gueard or a cab driver i guess if i have to answer...

NapSPIN: so you would rather be a cabbie part?

BruceMcClh: & i do.... i would be um..... a news woman clavicle

NapSPIN: Stansrock:

Question: If you could seperate your head from your body , how much do you think it would weigh?

NapSPIN: long silence....

BruceMcClh: if i could seperate my head from my body i don't think i'd be weighing it. wouldn't i be in Vegas making a lot of money doing shows maybe i'll end up there anyway

NapSPIN: Arioso01:

Question: Are you a member of AOL, or are you just doing them a favor?

BruceMcClh: they phoned me which is hard `cause i dont have a phone or a computer. i would like to be a member but looking up things in the library used to seem it scares me

NapSPIN: How did working on the album compare to your TV work? Do you prefer one medium over the other?

BruceMcClh: in a simple way it's not that different both of them are figuring out what the best way to convey or play with an idea. truthfully it was more fun but maybe that's just because i hadn't done it before

NapSPIN: Rogue Ldr:

Question: Have The Kids always got along, or is there a lot of bickering?

BruceMcClh: we don't fight about anything were the best of friends we find it easier to sew each other & remain as close as ever

NapSPIN: BitterEwe:

Question: Any future plans for the Gavin character? And your music - what's next?

BruceMcClh: well one thing i won't be doing is the Gavin Rap if i did you could come & take my teeth out with a hunting knife i don't know whats next for Gavin i think it would be intesting if you got one of those little mustaches that we used to call pube-mustaches

NapSPIN: Helen31:

Question: Hi, Bruce! Love your album. This one comes from Chris Stipp: which one of the sketches you contributed to the KITH show was the most challenging to do?

BruceMcClh: the worst thing i ever did i terms of shear physical pain was the flying pig. i hung in a harness for hours........... whenever anything is rotten in my life i think to myself lot better than the flying pig but to show how truly stupid i am after i'd done one i did another

NapSPIN: An1182:

Question: Who is your favorite commediane?

BruceMcClh: um...laura Kitlinger SNL

NapSPIN: Kilobyte9:

Question: Bruce, are you going to be a regular on SNL? Oh yeah, would you and Mark like to come to my house for dinner?

BruceMcClh: I'm confussed. those were two seperate offers i guess the first depends on what you can cook

NapSPIN: Eeyore123:

Question: I heard you were in some way connected with the O.J. trial. Is that true?

BruceMcClh: yes

NapSPIN: Kim38DDD:

Question: How much would my head be worth if it were made of veal????

BruceMcClh: well first i must demise your head is not made of veal i would guess 100000 dollars seeing I've never priced or bought veal so.. when you go to the bank to get you student loan just point at your ear & say 100,000 trust me

NapSPIN: JH3fan:

Question: Did you enjoy your interview with Juliana Hatfield in "Raygun"?

BruceMcClh: yeah she was cool but those things are always weird it's like when you meet up with someone & they like you & you like their stuff but your not sure exactly what you should say..

NapSPIN: Is this even more weird? We just met but seem to have great rapport already.

BruceMcClh: Yes, although thousands of miles away through the online & the phone i feel it too

NapSPIN: Hemoglobn:

Question: i liked your album but what was the kids in the hall could you explain?

BruceMcClh: this 45 year period just after my birth where we wrote 10,000 scenes about businessmen & then one day then van dropped us off

NapSPIN: Beatles29:

Question: What is your favorite flavor of jello?

BruceMcClh: I have something very sad to tell you & i hope you don't work in a jello warehouse jello is made from cows-hooves so i guess if i had to have a favorite flavor it would be calf hoof

NapSPIN: What a great question to close the interview. We'd like to thank Bruce McCulloch for stopping by.

BruceMcClh: I'd like to thank everyone

NapSPIN: Any last words?

BruceMcClh: Rock on Baby Jesus!

NapSPIN: Rock on.

NapSPIN: Thanks Bruce.

NapSPIN: There are some pictures and sound clips from the new album available in the Multimedia Gallery.

NapSPIN: Come again next week for Helmet>

NapSPIN: Thanks again Bruce and everyone else.



 Trista Lycosky (aka Trista1 at that conference)

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