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Tracks & Lyrics

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 Grade 8
 Al Miller
 Heroin Pig
 40 Housewives
 Acid Radio
 Lift Me Up
 Our Love
 Not Happy
 Answering Machine
 Daddy's On the Drink
 He Said, She Said
 The Daves I Know
 That's America
 Baby Jesus (radio)
 When You're Fat
 Lonely People



 There were a couple TV commercials for Shame-Based Man. (There was actually one; the others were edited down parts of the first.)
 There was a promo CD for Shame-Based Man entitled "Answering Machine & More Twisted Interludes." It's rundown is 1) answering machine, 2) doors, 3) daves i know, 4) grade 8, 5) heroin pig, 6) acid radio, 7) salt lumbar, 8) play our song. Salt Lumbar is the "radio" intro to Our Love and Play Our Song is the "radio" intro to Daves I Know. The songs are identical to the SBM releases except Doors has "fuckin'" bleeped. The disc is the same as the SBM one, except red. The front cover is an alternate picture of Bruce with the big check. The back is the floating Bruce pic.
 "Stalking" was a Bruce short film for Saturday Night Live in late 1994, with Janeane Garofalo as the woman. "Eraserhead" was a 1995 Bruce short SNL film; it was entitled "Vacation." It only ran on SNL as a segment in a rerun. (It also ran as part of Bruce's "50 Years in Show Business" MuchMusic special.)
 "Daves I Know" appeared on the Kids in the Hall Show during the first season and "That's America" during the second.
 See Liner Notes. Bob Wiseman was part of Blue Rodeo. Don Kerr has been all over over the Toronto music scene, including part of Ron Sexsmith's band; he's currently the drummer for the Rheostatics. Tamara Gorski is the woman who appears in the Kathie/Cathy skit as the "new girl" ("Lezbe friends.") Brian, Reid, and Don are, of course, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet.
 Bruce is not a Doors fan.



 See Bruce's page for SBM related articles


Images & Sounds

Shame-Based Man is still available for sale, so no images or sounds will be offered here. Here are a few pictures from the SBM commercial, though.


Other Media

 Commercial- View the Shame-Based Man commericial.
(RealVideo format. 56K modem recommended.)


Liner Notes

Sticker- "A member of THE KIDS IN THE HALL includes Doors, Daves I Know and some songs that your or your loved ones may find offensive."

Produced by Bob Wiseman
Engineered by L. Stu Young
Assisted by Dave Tedesco
Production Coordinator: Shannon McGaw

Vocals- Brucio
Guitar- Brian Connelly
Bass- Hugh Phillips
Drums- Don Kerr
Cello- George Koller
Tuba- Colin Couch
Trumpet- Sarah MaCelcheran
Trompone- Steve Donald
Lap Steel- Don Rooke
Additional Vocals- Hugh Phillips, Don Kerr,
Shannon McGaw, Tamara Gorski and Bob Wiseman
Reid Diamond and Don Pyle played on "Daves I Know"

Mastered by George Graves
at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Mixed by L. Stu Young, Bruce McCulloch,
Brian Connelly and Bob Wiseman

Man on "Lift Me Up"- Don Frank
Woman on "Stalking"- Shannon McGaw

Al Miller, Chemical Sound, Tim, Bix,
Susan Cavan, Mimi's Catering, Mark Eissler,
Rachel Sutherland, Alex Andronache,
Bonham, Shorty Peterstein, Ian and Connie

Cover & Inside Paintings: Marshall Arisman
Photography: Danny Clinch
Art Direction: Larry Freemantle

All lyrics by Bruce McCulloch
except Doors by Bruce McCulloch and Kevin McDonald

Grade 8
1994 Grow Or Die Music/Don Kerr and Hugh Phillips (SOCAN)
Stalking/Doors/Lift Me Up/Our Love/Daddy's On The Drink/
He Said, She Said/Eraserhead/Vigil/When You're Fat
1994 TRONT Music/Grow Or Die Music (SOCAN)
Al Miller/Heroin Pig/40 Housewives/Acid Radio/
Not Happy/Answering Machine/Baby Jesus (Radio)/Lonely People
1994 TRONT Music (SOCAN)
Daves I Know
1990 TRONT Music (SOCAN)
That's America
1991 TRONT Music (SOCAN)

1995 Atlantic Recording Corporation for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States. All Rights Reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.


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 Everything else-
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