A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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Bruce: CBC Radio (April, 1997)

Nora: Coming up next week we turn over the final hour of the show to Bruce McCulloch. Bruce is no stranger to the CBC; the Kids in the Hall was one of the most successful comedy shows ever to come out of Canada; Bruce currently has his finger in many pies including his upcoming appearance on DNTO, and he joins me now from Toronto. Hi Bruce.

Bruce: Hullo Nora, how are you.

Nora: Pretty good thanks. Now um - since the Kids in the Hall, we haven't seen you in *front* of the camera that much..what've you been up to?

Bruce: Um, a few things, I'm just ah, actually developing a tv show for HBO, and I'm directing a film this summer, and actually I'm doing some live shows out in western Canada, in may, so..

Nora: Okay.

Bruce: And the usual of course, reading my horoscope everyday.

Nora: {laugh} Alright well we all do that. Now--

Bruce: Well I read your horoscope as well. {giggles}

Nora: Oh no! {both laugh} What part of the process is most rewarding for you, writing, performing, or directing.

Bruce: Ahm, I think I like writing the most, ah, I've always said I'm a writer first, but sort of lately I've been getting different itches to do even things like this, or performing or something..I think after the series was over, ah it took a while to realize that I really did want to perform a little bit more than I always said I did.

Nora: Alright.. Well, what are we gonna hear next saturday when we tune in at 4 o'clock?

Bruce: Well it's sort of a flight of fancy for us. Um, it's.. that moment as we wait for an elevator door to open, we wonder what our life would have been like if it hadn't been the way it is, if we had done something different early in our lives, or heard something that changed us in some small way, what would our life be like. What life would we be, living. Sort of like that.

Nora: Well I've certainly done that. Look forward to it.

Bruce: Okay, thank you.

Nora: Talk to you later Bruce.

Bruce: Be yourself!

Nora: I will, bye.

Bruce: Stay real!



 Sarah Newhouse

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