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 Season One (1989-1990)
 Season Two (1990-1991)
 Season Three (1991-1992)
 Season Four (1993)
 Season Five (1994)
 Pilot (1988)


TV Schedule

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 The series began with an hour-long pilot, produced for HBO and CBC.
 The series ended with Bellini speaking. To the end, KITH pushed the envelope. In the Censored Sketches skit, Cancer Boy's name is censored by Comedy Central (and the CBC?). He is called That Dyin' Kid. Irony. (He was called Cancer Boy in the CBS-ran episode.)
 The Kids in the Hall was NOT cancelled. It was agreed that the fifth season would be their last. After the end, the troupe went their separate ways. Mark was the only one who would have wanted to continue with sketch; and, he did - joining the cast of Saturday Night Live.


TV/Radio Interviews, Print Articles

 For articles or interviews which featured multiple Kids, or the entire troupe, during the period in which the series aired, see the Kids in the Hall page.



 AP: 'Kids' AIDS Sketch Won't Make It On CBS-- by Scott Williams (1993)
 New York Times-- by John J. O'Connor (January 6, 1991)
 People Weekly-- by John Stark (July 24, 1989)
 Los Angeles Daily News-- by Jody Leader (1988)



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Other Media

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