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Season One (1989-1990)

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Each episode from the first season has its own page. On the pages are information, links to transcripts, and perhaps other media. Click an episode number to visit its page.

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Episode Guide

Reprinted below is an episode guide for season one as it appeared in the old FAQ. (Only change: added episode numbers which link to episode pages.) It is reprinted here to be used to help find the skit or show you are interested in; then you can click the episode page.

This episode guide is not authored or updated by There are some mistakes and omissions, all of which should be fixed on the accompanying episode page.

If you need help reading this guide, see the help page. Also, many people helped in the creation of the old FAQ, thank you to them all.

 Simultaneous Phone Calls (?)(1): two girls call each other simultaneously
 The Eradicator (all)(1): the masked squash player
 Ballet School (MK)(1): the cruel ballet school teacher
 Businessman Head Crusher 1 (all)(1): the head crusher crushes businessmen's heads (Mr. Tyzik)
 Cause of Cancer (DB)(1): KITH discovers the cause of cancer
 Pear Dream (all)(1): man wakes up from the pear dream
 Kathie the Mean Mistreater (BM)(1): Kathie & Mississippi Gary talk about their relationship (Kathie, Mississippi Gary)
 Businessman Head Crusher 2 (M)(1): head crusher continued (Mr. Tyzik)

 Thirty Helens Agree (-)(1): love hurts
 Man's Chest Colonized by Spain (all)(1): a comedy premise
 Thirty Helens Agree (-)(1): honesty is the best policy
 Cabbage Head on Date (BKS)(1): Cabbage Head goes on a date (Cabbage Head)
 Impromptu Tractor with Kids (M)(1): impromptu tractor formed with children
 Sarcastic Guy (KD)(1): the guy who can't help being sarcastic
 Buddy's Bar -- Race Relations (S)(1): Buddy discusses the races (Buddy)
 Thirty Helens (-)(1): you can't pay too much for a good pair of shoes
 Agree Having Your Period? (all)(1): guys discuss how they want to be women

 Hired Gun Concession Stand (D)(1): gunfighter that runs a concession stand (Gunfighter)
 Gorilla (DSK)(1): slapstick sketch about guys attacked by gorilla
 Ignore Them 1 (all)(1): man harassed by guys on the street
 Citizen Kane (KD)(1): friends have a dispute about the name of a movie
 Modern Hero (M)(1): story of a modern hero told by guy in an alley
 Ignore Them 2 (all)(1): family harassed by guys continued
 Salty Ham (BS)(1): Gordon complains about Fran's salty ham (Fran, Gordon)
 Ignore Them 3 (all)(1): funeral goers harassed by guys concluded

 Deja Vu! (SB)(1): guys fighting in alley, one gets deja vu
 Apollo the Rude (KSM)(1): rude guy ruins some friends' evening out
 The Daves I Know Song (BD)(1): Bruce sings about the Daves he knows
 Guy with the Good Attitude Toward Menstruation (D)(1): talk about menstruation
 Let Me In! (KM)(1): man fighting with wife demands to be let into the house
 Timmy (SB)(1): Timmy tries to console his mother & father
 Sick of the Swiss (SM)(1): the guy who is sick of the Swiss
 The Country Doctor (SKDBM)(1): the leisurely country doctor comes to save the farmer

 Lost Drum (KM)(1): man screams about his lost drum
 Head Crusher Outside Club 1 (MKS)(1): head crusher crushes heads outside a club (Mr. Tyzik)
 Relationship Negotiations (MB)(1): businessmen negotiate relationships (Gerald, Gerald)
 Granpa's Poo (all)(1): family at dinner talks about Granpa's poo
 Are ET's Dull? (DSKM)(1): exploration of the question "Are Extraterrestrials Dull?"
 If Elvis Were My Landlord (all)(1): Bruce wonders what it would be like if Elvis were his landlord
 Head Crusher Outside Club 2 (MK)(1): head crusher continued (Mr. Tyzik)

 Thirty Helens Agree (-)(1): tattoos aren't for everyone
 Apathetic Burglar (SDK)(1): apathetic burglar robs apathetic homeowner
 Running Faggot Song (all)(1): the song of the running faggot
 Twenty-nine Helens (-)(1): promptness is important
 Agree How Businessmen Relax (DKSB)(1): tense businessmen go to the gym to relax
 Truck Owner (M)(1): the story of a truck owner (Bobby's Father)
 Stray Businessman (all)(1): kid brings home a stray businessman

 Hotel La Rut 1 (all)(1): hotel where everyone's in a rut
 Parachuter's Odds (all)(1): parachuters wonder about the odds
 Hotel La Rut 2 (all)(1): hotel continued
 First Poem (BDM)(1): Bobby -- angered by world -- writes first poem (Bobby, Bobby's Mother, Bobby's Father, Laura)
 Flether Christian (D)(1): not the real Flether Christian
 Hotel La Rut 3 (KSB)(1): hotel continued
 Surprise Party (all)(1): Nena from Joymakers makes a surprise party at A.T. & Love (Nena, Danny Husk)

 Ping Pong Guy 1 (M)(1): the annoying ping pong watcher's commentary
 Pre-Vacation Family Blowout (SBD)(1): the family blowout before the trip (Fran, Gordon, Brian)
 Ping Pong Guy 2 (M)(1): the annoying ping pong watcher
 Chain Gang (MKD)(1): guy from the chain gang is recognized in restaurant
 You Don't Like Us 1 (DKS)(1): the "Nobody Likes Us" Guys try to get a loan ("Nobody Likes Us" Guys)
 Buddy's Bar -- Dinosaurs (S)(1): Buddy talks about dinosaurs bad manners (Buddy)
 Ping Pong Guy 3 (M)(1): the annoying ping pong watcher
 Interracial Couple (DSKM)(1): white girl brings home a black boyfriend to meet her parents
 You Don't Like Us 2 (DK)(1): the "Nobody Likes Us" Guys continued

 Die in that House 1 (D)(1): man explains how he's going to die in that house
 Cathy & Kathie & the Temp (SBM)(1): Cathy & Kathie gossip about Tanya (Cathy, Kathie, Tanya)
 Die in that House 2 (DS)(1): continued from above
 Preacher Character (M)(1): Mark's preacher character
 Confidante to the Stars (SM)(1): Weston discusses the stars (Weston Esterhazy, Virgil)
 Die in the House 3 (DK)(1): continued from above
 Teddy Bear Picnic (BSD)(1): father tries to put his kid to sleep with a story

 Salt Confiscator (all)(1): "security guard" complains about hoopla
 Bad Straight Man 1 (KD)(1): vaudeville act with bad straight man
 Two Brothers and the Sister (MSB)(1): the drunk brothers come over at 3am
 Farmer with a Tail (M)(1): the story of a farmer
 One Step at a Time (DS)(1): taking things one clinging, jealous step at a time
 Think I'll Go Eat Worms (BK)(1): "Nobody Likes Us" guys sing on a bus (The "Nobody Likes Us" Guys)
 Bad Straight Man 2 (KM)(1): vaudeville act with bad straight man part 2
 The Moon (MBD)(1): three guys sit on wall and discuss the moon

 Dawn of the Dead (KSMD)(1): silly parody of the movie
 Attilla the German Gay Lover (SMB)(1): Attilla and his lover have a spat
 Thirty Helens Agree
 Fire at Business Meeting (all)(1): fire at a business meeting at A.T. & Love (Danny Husk)
 Gunfighter (D)(1): once shot a man just to watch him die (Gunfighter)
 Like Romeo and Juliet (B)(1): the lovers that were like Romeo and Juliet
 Thirty Helens Agree (-)(1): Hawaii was better before
 Barbershop* (all)(1): Clem tells stories in the barber shop

 Kathie's Turning Over! (all)(1): Kathie turns over (Kathie, Cathy, Ms. Ferguson, Secretary???, Tanya????)
 Billy Dreamer 1 (KM)(1): Billy Dreamer talks to his boss
 Folk Music (D)(1): a discussion of folk music
 Who's Gay...* (SM)(1): Weston Esterhazy and Virgil discuss who's gay in Hollywood (Weston Esterhazy, Virgil)
 Billy Dreamer 2 (KBD)(1): Billy Dreamer dreams while watching TV with friends
 Scora the Gentle Shark (all)(1): the legend of Scora, the gentle shark

 Lonely City (MKDS)(1): what's happening in the lonely city
 Businessmen Networking (BMSD)(1): Gerald and Gerald network at a business party (Gerald, Gerald)
 Lopez 1 (M)(1): man calls out for Lopez outside of a house
 Fat Hitchhiker (DK)(1): man gives a "fat" guy a lift
 Lopez 2 (M)(1): Lopez continued
 The Donut Shop (KMBS)(1): man criticizes donut shop customers
 Killed by a Lamp (K)(1): man who has to call the wife of a man who was killed by a lamp
 Lopez 3 (M)(1): Lopez continued
 Becoming an Indian Woman (DSM)(1): boy who has decided to become an Indian woman
 Lopez 4 (M)(1): Lopez continued (over credits)

 Editors 1 (SK)(1): book editors discuss what to cut
 Stop the World -- We Broke Up/ (BDM)(1): song about Bobby's breakup (Bobby, Bobby's Mother, Bobby's Father, Laura)
 Editors 2 (SK)(1): editors discuss what to cut
 Sold the Land (M)(1): story of a man and his father
 Life-After-Death Guy (DK)(1): the guy with the life-after death experience
 The Cat (all)(1): the life of a cat, with the cat jazz band
 Teacher's Secret Affair/ (DSK)(1): boring teacher has affair during class
 Editors 3 (SK)(1): editors discuss what to cut

 Cutest Boy on Death Row (DBKM)(1): girls discuss cutest boy on death row (Melanie)
 Blues Man Wannabe (M)(1): the faux blues man from Vermont
 The Women-Lovers (BD)(1): the men who love all women
 Buddy on a Desert Island (SD)(1): Buddy stranded on a desert Island (Buddy)
 Cop Impersonator (KSM)(1): drunk guy pretends to be a cop
 Blonde Mechanic (KBMS)(1): the mechanic with the beautiful blonde locks
 Baby* (DBM)(1): a babyless couple talks to mother in the park

 How did this happen? (M)(1): man wonders how did this happen
 Cathy & Kathie -- Is He or Isn't He? (all)(1): Cathy & Kathie wonder if the new guy is gay (Cathy, Kathie, Secretary, Tanya)
 Thirty Helens Agree
 Bass Player (BK)(1): a tribute to a bass player
 Thirty Helens Agree
 Compensation (BMSK)(1): workmen explain how compensation works
 Thirty Helens Agree
 Buddy's Bar -- Canadians (S)(1): Buddy discusses Canada (Buddy)

 Boo! (SD)(1): the author of scary books
 Leslie the Vampire Fag (MS)(1): Leslie has a friend over (Brad)
 Comedy Sketch with Just a Middle (KDBM)(1): a comedy sketch premise
 I Don't Have Enough Money to Pay for This Cab (MKS)(1): head crusher's friend comes over (Mr. Tyzik)
 The Darcy Pennell Show* (KDS)(1): the Darcy Pennell Show -- ugly women's fashion (Darcy Pennell, Brad)

 Love Me* (MB)(1): guy cooking steaks; guys runs up
 Stinky Pink (KMS)(1): Fran's friend Barbara explains to her son about her separation and new hair color (Fran)
 Premise Beach 1 (KDSM)(1): A comedy premise on premise beach - people who shouldn't run for office
 Big Crouton (B)(1): the story of the big crouton
 Pole Vaulter Olympic Tragedy (KMD)(1): tragedy at the olympics
 Premise Beach 2 (KD)(1): People with gift heads
 Gay Entertainers (KDS)(1): A monologue from Scott
 Fly on Face (M)(1): girl leaves guy because of fly on his face

 Barking Guys at Bar (DBM)(1): guys are bar bark at women
 Shark Hunter Brothers (KM)(1): island-native brothers discuss manhood
 Death of Rock (BD)(1): Bobby and teacher discuss the death of rock (Bobby)
 Pick-up Artist with Tarantulas (SM)(1): the pick up artist (Melanie)
 Girlfriends Leave the Country (KD)(1): guys party when girlfriends leave
 Monique the Pyromaniac (DSM)(1): Monique the pyromaniac is fired

 What is the Fat Man Doing Across the Road Song (MK)(1): the fat man song
 Pie-Eating Contest Love (all)(1): Nena and husband find out how their friends met (Nena, Nena's Husband)
 Thirty Helens Agree (-)(1): there's a time and a place to show photos of your kids
 "Nobody Likes Us" Guys on a Date (DK)(1): the Nobody Likes Us guys on a date in a restaurant (Nobody Likes Us)
 Buddy's Bar -- Canadians (S)(1): Buddy discusses Canadians (Buddy)
 The Real Buddy Holly (KM)(1): what Buddy Holly was really like
 Thirty Helens Agree (-)(1): a Helen is a Helen
 Dr. Seuss Bible (all)(1): a presentation of the Bible as written by Dr. Seuss




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