A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

Third Voice

Third Voice is a plug-in for your browser that allows stick post-it-like notes to a web page. You only see the notes if you have Third Voice turned on; and, you can turn it off anytime. In turn, others will only see your note if they have Third Voice turned on. You can get the plug-in at

If you have or get the plug-in, I invite you to turn it on while browsing this site. Third Voice is currently only available for Internet Explorer. The version for Netscape is coming in July/August. Please do not leave me any messages as I use Netscape and won't be able to view them. For the same reason, if you have a comment or criticism of this site, please send them via email, and do not post them using Third Voice.

Third Voice has some pretty cool implications for a site like this. You can talk about individual Kids on their "member" pages. You can talk about or pose questions about a particular season, show, or character on their respective pages. And, of course, you can ring in on your favorite skits on the transcript pages.


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