A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

The Palace

Have The Palace Client installed? Come visit the KITH Palace.
Don't have the software? Download it for free.* features a Kids in the Hall Palace- a virtual, graphic chat world. It is open 24hrs a day/7 days a week. You go there and chat or just wander aimlessly about the rooms. While the "world" is Brain Candy, the chat is not limited to Kids in the Hall. But, you'll share at least one thing with the other chatters - you like Kids in the Hall.

The KITH Palace now holds regular chats every Saturday night at 10pm eastern. These chats usually have a "theme." You are also likely to find people around on Friday and Sunday nights. To be informed of Saturday's chat themes, other chats, or time changes, sign up to the KITH Palace Mailing list by sending an email to, with "subscribe" as your subject and nothing in the body. This is an announcement list only, and mailings are infrequent.

While the Palace has the name on it - I did this because I am the one paying the bill, I want it to trace back to this site some way - I want anyone who wants to to take advantage of its existence. If you have a KITH webpage and would like to link to it, please do. If you want to chat with your friends in there, feel free, just don't exclude others - it's a shiny happy world open to all.

* On September 27th, 2000 (my birthday, interestingly enough),, the owner of The Palace announced that they are ceasing all distribution and support of The Palace. If you already have the client software, you can still visit Brain Candyland and all the other Palaces out there, for the forseeable future. However, registration of new software downloads are no longer being accepted. (Note: is launching a new chat environment. This is NOT a version of The Palace, and personal worlds - such as Brain Candyland - will not exist within it.) I am not as informed of this whole mess as other Palace Developers are, but I'll be trying to get up to speed as more develops from within the Palace Developer community.


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