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Part 3

3.01) Is there a KITH movie?
Yes, in 1996 Lakeshore Entertainment and Paramount Pictures brought us "The
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy" 

3.02) Has it been released to video tape? Laserdisc? DVD?
         Video Tape: Yes, $14.95 (list price)
         Laserdisc: Yes
         DVD: Not yet, but there is a place where you can vote for one at:

3.03) What was the movie about?
Brain Candy is about the invention of Gleemonex, a drug that cures depression
by tapping into the patient's happiest memory. It is developed by Dr. Chris
Cooper and a team of scientists working for a Roritor pharmaceutical company.
When the company finds itself in trouble financially, they rush the new drug
into production without doing enough testing. It is suddenly is selling
better than Penicillin with everyone taking it, making money for the company,
and making Chris a star. Things seem to be going great until some of the users
of the drug start slipping into comas. It becomes a battle between the
scientists who want to tell the world the truth and the company who wants to
keep making money.       

3.04) Were any of the characters from the TV show in the movie?       
  It was mainly made up of original characters but we did see: the Cops (Bruce
and Mark)  Lacey and Raj (Kevin and Scott) Croatian Taxi Driver (Mark) White
Trash Couple (Mark and Bruce) Melanie (Mark) Malek (Scott)  Cancer Boy seen as
the Dying Kid from the series finale (Bruce) Also it should be said that Wally
Terzinsky and Mrs. Terzinsky bear amore-than-striking resemblance to Danny Husk
and Mrs.Husk. Brain Candy also featured as a groupie Nicole de Boer, who was
seen on the TV show in several appearances playing Laura the girlfriend of
Bruce's Bobby Terrance.

3.05) Where does "Brain Candy" take place?
 This question has been discussed many times since Brain Candy's 
 release but despite many clues, there is no definite answer. Many 
 clues do point to Toronto. A sign for the Bank of Montreal, which is based in
 Canada, is visible in the opening scenes and many common Toronto 
 spots such as The Bay on Queen, CIBC, TTC streetcars are visible as 
 well. Also, the Queen of England approves Gleemonex, something 
 that wouldn't happen in an American city; and many Canadian based 
 characters from the KITH television show appear in the movie. One of 
 the biggest clues pointing to Toronto as the setting are the cops in 
 the movie wearing O.P.P. patches. But there is one major point from the 
 movie that discourages a Toronto setting. It's Gleemonex's slogan 
 "Gleemonex makes you feel like it's 72 degrees in your head ... all the time."
 Canada uses Celsius while Americans use Fahrenheit. So if it was 
 set in Canada, it would have been "Gleemonex makes you feel like it's
 *20* degrees in your head all the time". But back to my first answer, 
  there is no definite answer.

3.06) How did the movie do?  
  Not very well. Brain Candy's final gross was 2.653 million in the US. The
 reviews for the film were also mixed with critics on both extremes. However in
 some interviews with KITH it has been mentioned that Brain Candy, despite box 
 office failure has done extremely well as a rental. 

3.07) Will there be another film? 
  All of the Kids have expressed interest in doing another movie and over the
course of their last live tour, footage was shot to make a tour documentary.   
From the "Star Ledger":
     "The group is raising money to complete a tour documentary, most of
which has already been shot on Hi-8 video. The Kids are going to test the 
boundaries of documentary filmmaking by including scripted bits that blur the 
line between what's staged and unstaged. They hope to bring the film
to festivals world-wide, playing concerts in conjunction with the
screenings."  Also in a recent internet chat with Scott, it was mentioned that
the documentary will be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival.

3.08) Was there a soundtrack? 
  There was an incredible soundtrack released by Matador featuring some 2 songs
  by Death Lurks, the fictional band from Brain Candy, and "Having an Average 
  Weekend" from the TV show. On the CD's inside packaging on one side is a
  collage with pictures from the movie, and on the other a KITH timeline with
  great pictures from KITH's club and TV days. 

1. Some Days It's Dark - Death Lurks
2. Painted Soldiers - Pavement
3. Happiness - Matthew Sweet
4. Happiness Pie - Death Lurks
5. Six Dick Pimp - Liz Phair
6. I'm Gay - Scott Thompson/Joe Sealy
7. Spiraling Shape - They Might Be Giants
8. Swoon - Pell Mell
 9. Birthday Cake - Cibo Matto
10. Butts Wigglin - The Tragically Hip
11. Postal Blowfish - Guided By Voices
12. Pablo And Andrea - Yo La Tengo
13. How To Play Your Internal Organs Overnight - Stereolab
14. Nata Di Marzo - Pizzicato Five
15. Eat My Brain - Odds
16. Long Dark Twenties - Paul Bellini
17. Having an Average Weekend - Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet

3.09) What's is the work print? Is there an alternative ending to Brain Candy?

A "work print" is a "in-progress" version of a movie for the studio, meaning a
rough copy without many finishing touches such as most background music,
elaborate animation, opening credits, special effects, some edits. In some
cases such as Brain Candy, the work print can have characters and plot lines
that don't make the final cut of the film. 

Often times you'll hear about a different ending to Brain Candy and about
characters that aren't in the final movie. Out of respect to people who are
either expecting a copy of the movie or who just don't want to know, the first
ending won't be revealed in the FAQ. If you are really dying to know, you can
write the FAQ caretaker (me <g>) using the e-mail address in the contacts

3.10) What's the big deal about "Comedy World"?
In 2000, KITH signed a deal with the website to
begin producing *BRAND NEW* material such as sketches and radio shows.
The first project completed was "Barry in the Bathroom" starring Kevin and
Scott and can be found on the Comedy World website
Also there was the announcement of an official website that will be unveiled
soon at

3.11) Is there a newsgroup for discussing KITH?   
Yes. It's "".  (It's not because
of a 14-character limit in newsgroup hierarchy component names.) Not all sites
carry alt.* groups.  If you are missing, contact your local
news administrator. Also many members of post on the Dave Foley
newsgroup and on the Newsradio newsgroup

3.12) Do any of the kids post on the newsgroup? 
  Not directly; instead all information is posted by select newsgroup regulars
  who receive their information from the OVOR, the official voice of reason.
  From that voice, the newsgroup gets the scoop on troupe information before it
  announced to the regular public. But it has been revealed in many interviews
  and most recently the Comedy Central webcast that KITH has been known to lurk
  on the newsgroup.

3.13) Is there a KITH book?
  There is no book currently available on KITH but four books that might be of
  great interest to KITH fans are: "Buddy Babylon: The Autobiography of Buddy  
  Cole" by Scott Thompson and Paul Bellini, which is a fictional biography of  
  Scott's character Buddy; "Cue the Elephant: Backstage Tales at the CBC" by  
  Knowlton Nash, which is about the history of Canadian television and the CBC,
  the channel which helped produce KITH and includes some information about the
  TV show; "Stand and Deliver: Inside Canadian Comedy" by Andrew Clark with a  
  KITH section; and finally for Newsradio fans, the book "The Showrunners: A   
  Season Inside The Billion-Dollar, Death-Defying, Madcap World of Television's

  Real Stars" by David Wild which includes a section on Newsradio's
  difficulties in   its final season. 

3.14) Is there a KITH zine? 
  There is currently no KITH zine, but if you want to start one, e-mail me the 
  information and I'll post it here

3.15) Is there a KITH videotape? 

Rhino released 4 separate compilation tapes:       
Best of the Kids in the Hall: A tape of 4 compilation episodes from seasons 1&2
The Kids in the Hall-season 3: A tape of 2 compilation episodes from season 3  
The Kids in the Hall-season 4: A tape of 2 compilation episodes from season 4  
The Kids in the Hall (seasons 3&4): A tape of 4 compilation episodes from 
seasons 3&4 (instead of 2 tapes, the season 3 and 4 tapes combined)

3.16) Where can I find KITH stuff on the Internet?

Sites every new KITH fan has to visit
Barb's Kids in the Hall page
CC KITH page
A Complete Guide to the Kids in the Hall
Brain Candy at the Internet Movie Database
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KITH Source Gateway
Sound Sites
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall
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Sites dedicated to KITH individually
Tavie's Online Shrine to Dave Foley
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Proud to be a Torontonian
The Bruce McCulloch Tribute Site
The "Temporary" Kevin McDonald Page
Kevin McDonald Admiration Society
Some of you may know him as Sexboy
The Fabulous Kevin McDonald
The Mark McKinney Page
Mark McKinney Madness
Sites Dedicated to the tour
*kids in the hall: tour 2000*
KITH Reunion Tour Fan Page
Sites That Really Defy the Categories
Paul Bellini's Website
The Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Page
Casting Shadows in a Junkyard
The Kids in the Hall Drinking Game
Lainie's KITH Birthday Countdown
Dana Kearn's Honors Thesis on Comedy and The Kids in the Hall
Christie's KITH Song Page
Cornygirl Website

3.17) Who does the opening theme for KITH? Do they have
          a cassette/CD? Do they do the bumper music and other music
          in the show as well?
 The opening theme is by the group Shadowy Men on A Shadowy Planet who 
 broke up shortly after KITH went their separate ways. Shadowy Men on A 
Shadowy Planet are: Brian Connelly (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Reid  
Diamond (bass, lead vocals), and Don Pyle (drums, backing vocals).  Reid and   
Brian have known Bruce since high school;
 Reid even played in a band with Bruce at one point. Reid and Brian had
 a band in Calgary, it broke up, they came to Toronto and Reid joined a
 band (Crash Kills Five, 1 single, 1980) with Don Pyle. In 1984 the three 
 coalesced into the Men.
  The theme is called "Having an Average Weekend" on the release "Savvy
  Show Stoppers" (Cargo Records, 1990).  The version on "Savvy Show
  Stoppers" is NOT the exact same version as used on the show.  The 
  KITH theme on this release is not mixed as well as that heard on the 
  show; the lead guitar riff tends to fade into the background.  All but
  one of the tracks on this release are instrumentals similar to the KITH
  theme in style.  From the liner notes:  "This savory selection of
  socially irrelevant songs is a compilation of seven inch records
  released on our own Jetpac label in Canada."
  Brian does the artwork on the albums (and the "30 second story"
  puppets), and Don painted the Fine Ham on the cover of "Dim the
  lights..." According to Reid, the singer on "Bim Bam Baby" is "George
  from a comedy duo named Al + George".  [From 
  (Matt D. McMillan): "Al & George broke up and his full name is George 
  Westerholm he's still doing music."]
  SMOASP also did the bumper music (the music played right before/after
  commercials) and some of the music used in the show itself.  One can
  usually tell it's SMOASP because of their distinctive twangy guitar 
  The band also had an alter-ego, the "Chateau Amen" -- a happening trio 
  available for weddings, bar mitzvahs... 1992 EP Just married (Jet Pac)

   Brief Discography:
  1985 EP Love Without Words (Jet Pac)
  1986 EP Wow, Flutter, Hiss (Jet Pac)
  1987 EP Schlagers (Jet Pac)
  1987 EP Live with extra bread and cheese (Jet Pac)
  1988 EP Explosion of taste (Jet Pac)
  1988 EP Reid Does Neil (Jet Pac)
  1988 LP Savvy Show Stoppers (Glass, UK)
  1990 LP Savvy Show Stoppers (Cargo)
  1991 EP Music for Pets (K Records)
  1991 EP Dog & squeegie (estrus records)
  1992 LP Dim the lights, Chill the Ham (Cargo)
  1992 EP Tired of waking up tired
  1993 LP Sport Fishin' (Cargo)

3.18) Is there a KITH fan club? Where can I write the Kids?

  There is currently no official KITH fan club but included in the program
  of the most recent tour was an address to write them:
         The Kids In the Hall
         P.O. Box 324 Station B
         Toronto Ontario
         Canada, M5T 2W2

3.19) Have there been any KITH magazine articles?  

Here are some: 
The Boston Globe, "Luckily, These Kids Always Misbehave"; February 18, 2000  
The Boston Phoenix, "Reunion-The Kids in the Hall"; February 2000 
Chicago Tribune; "Kids in the Hall Get Together for 'More Ugliness'";
February11, 2000 
Detroit Free Press; "Fun in the Hall-KITH In Detroit"; February 2000   
Time Out New York; "Kids Incorporated", Feburary 17, 2000 
Toronto Sun; "Kids in the Massey Hall"; January 26, 2000 
Now Magazine; "Kick Ass Comedy Troupe Regroups for all the Right Reasons";
January 2000   
Details, "Freak Preview"; March 1996 
Village Voice; "La Dulce Musto"; M. Musto; Jan???; 1994; p.??  
New York Times (late edition); "The real Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time-Players";    
 January 16, 1994; p.29  
Raygun; "The Kids in the Hall Article"; September 1993 
Details; "Kids' Stuff";  March 1993 
Maclean's; "Kids on the Ball"; J. Chidley; July 26, 1993; vol. 106, p.41;
Elle; September 1993; pp.90-91 
Maclean's; July 5, 1993; Scott Thompson was included in an article on most
influential Canadians  Vancouver Sun; February 1,1993; p.C1-2 
Winnipeg Free Press; February 5,1993; p.D8  
Montreal Gazette; February 7, 1993; p.F4  
Vancouver Sun; May 10,1993; p.C1  
Variety; June 1, 1992; p.28  
Rolling Stone; December 10, 1992; p.30  
TV Guide; September 12, 1992; p.91  
Vanity Fair; April, 1992; p.147  
Performing Arts and Entertainment Canada; Spring, 1992; p.39 (on Bruce     
McCulloch only)  
Vanity Fair; April, 1992; p.147  
Dirt Magazine., "These Are Not Your Garden Variety Comics", 1992  
Interview; January, 1991; p.28  
Toronto Life; August 1991; Vol.25: pp.40-42 (supposedly an account by Mark
chronicling his childhood) 
Chatelaine; November 1991; Vol.64: pp.119,121+ 
Gentlemen's Quarterly; "Kids who Kill"; J. Schneller; July, 1990;  vol. 60, p.
126-31; illus.  
TV Guide; "Their First Gig? The Loose Moose Theater!"; H. M. Rosenthal; Nov
18-24, 1989; vol 37, p.23; illus.  
Newsweek; "Oh, Those Darn Kids"; B. Barol; Oct 2, 1989; vol. 114; p.67; illus. 
Rolling Stone;  "Hot Comedy"; D. Handelman; May 19, 1989; p.112-14+; illus.  
The Alberta (Western) Report; July 4,1988; Vol.15: pp.44-45 
Maclean's; "Laughing All the Way to the Big Time"; J. Bennett; May 9, 1988;
vol. 101; p.60; illus.  
New York Times; [review of performance at Caroline's at the Seaport];  S.
Holden; Dec 3, 1987; sect. C, p. 20, col. 3  [also some other unspecified NYT

3.20) Is KITH merchandise available?

  Currently, the Comedy Central Store available at
  is carrying various KITH tour merchandise and Videos.
    Black Photo Silhouette Tee available in M, L, XL: $25.00(US)
   White Chicken Lady Tee available in M, L, XL: $25.00(US)
    Gray Dresses Photo Tee available in M, L, XL: $25.00(US)
    Gray Secret Agent Long Sleeve Lady Tee available in M, XL: $30.00(US)
    Gray Logo Embroidered Sweatshirt available in M, L, XL: $50.00(US) 
   Black Kids In The Hall Baseball Cap: $25.00(US)
   Kids in the Hall Khaki Bucket Cap: $25.00(US)
    KITH: Globe Enamel Pin: $8.00(US)
    KITH: Canadian Flag Pin: $8.00(US)
    KITH: Secret Agent Pin: $8.00(US)
    KITH: Sticker Sheet: $5.00(US)
    KITH (Fourth Season): $16.99(US)
    Brain Candy: $16.99(US)
    KITH (Third Season): $16.99(US)
    KITH: Tour Program: $15.00(US)

3.21) KITH FAQ Submission Guidelines

  If you have any information, additions, corrections, comments,
  submissions, suggestions, requests, ideas, or complaints about this FAQ
  please send email to the FAQ maintainer (Beth 
  To make life easier for the FAQ maintainer, please try to follow these
  simple guidelines when submitting new info.
 == Please include your name/email address as you would like it to appear
     in contributors list, if you are not already listed there.
  == Please indicate if for some reason you *don't* want to be included in
     the contributors list, or if you don't want your email address listed.
  == The FAQ maintainer is doing this in her spare time.  Please
     allow a few days for a response and if you don't see your info when the
      FAQ is posted next time, re-email. Sometimes I screw up (I'm only human)

3.22) Who contributed to this FAQ?

  The following people have graciously contributed to this FAQ.  When
  contributions are used (mostly) verbatim, the contributor is also listed
  by their comment.  Other answers are generally edited collections of
  several people's contributed comments and information.  Many thanks to
  all contributors, and thanks to all of the Kids in the Hall fans on  
  If your name and/or email address is not the way you want it to appear or if
you don't want to appear, please email  
Very special thanks to: (Joe Clark) (M.S. Burton) (Drew Davidson)
Laura at "The Complete Guide to The Kids in the Hall" (Jess) (Tavie) (Rebecca) (Chrissie)

3.23) Copyright information

  Updated 2000 Bethany Cramer, Original Copyright 1994-1995 Andrew B. Davidson 
  and the individual contributors listed. Permission to use, copy, and
  distribute this   FAQ, or parts thereof, by any means for any NON-PROFIT
  purpose is hereby granted, PROVIDED that (1) the copyright notices appear
  unaltered, and (2) the contributors list and individual contribution notices
  unaltered, and (3) you include information about where to get the
  current version of this FAQ.  (See "Where can I find the FAQ?  How
  often is it posted?").  For-profit distribution of this FAQ, by any
  means, in whole or in part, is PROHIBITED except upon explicit prior
  written non-electronic permission of the FAQ maintainer, Bethany Cramer

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