A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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The sketches are listed as follows:

Melanie's Date (MK)(2):  Melanie has a date over (Melanie)
+-------------  +-  +    +----------------------  +------
|               |   |    |                        |
+- Sketch Name  |   |    +- Sketch Description    +- List of Recurring
                |   +- Season Number                 Characters in the Sketch 
                +- Kids in the Sketch
                   B = Bruce     M = Mark
                   S = Scott     D = Dave     
                   K = Kevin     P = Paul Bellini
                   all = all 5   - = no Kids

Sketch descriptions also may contain an identifying quote.

...Sketches with numbers mean that they are part of a running bit in a show (e.g. "Hotel La Rut"). Slashes ("/") mean that one sketch runs into the next.

...Shows in seasons 3 and 4 are very often edited by Comedy Central, so they may not appear as listed here.

Some recurring sketches, for example "It's a Fact", "Whores", "Thirty Helens Agree", and "Police Department" are not formatted as above unless it is an unusual version of the sketch (for example, Police Department Car Chase).

* means that the sketch name is official, usually taken from the credits of the episode or titles in the sketch itself.

... This Sketch List now lists well over 600 sketches contained in over 80 episodes of KITH.

(This help page is taken from the old FAQ, and is not authored by

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