A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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Show #312


Other Careers
 Stars- Bruce, Mark
 Recurring Characters- Cops
 In short- What they might have done if they hadn't become cops.

Chicken Kabob
 Stars- Dave, Bruce, Kevin, Mark, Scott
 Recurring Characters- n/a
 In short- Man has to get back up on the horse after choking on a chicken kabob.

Meet Ed McMahon 
 Stars- Dave, Bruce, Mark
 Recurring Characters- n/a
 In short- Ed is in Saskatchewan?

Shift's Over 
 Stars- Bruce, Mark
 Recurring Characters- Cops
 In Short- He can't make the arrest now; his shift is over.

Buddy's Search For a New Lover 
 Stars- Scott
 Recurring Characters- Buddy Cole
 In Short- You can't be too careful. It's narrowed down to Miss Elenor Parrissi.

The Tea Factory 
 Stars- Kevin, Mark
 Recurring Characters- Mr. Tisane
 In short- Give him a tea, ya bastard.

Sleeping on the Squad Car 
 Stars- Bruce, Mark
 Recurring Characters- Cops
 In short- He fell asleep on the hood of the car.

Tammy & the Queen
 Stars- Dave, Bruce, Kevin, Mark, Scott
 Recurring Characters- Tammy, The Queen, Bellini
 In short- It's nothing personal, Tammy just doesn't like pickles.


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