A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

October 2000 Updates

November 27, 2000 is back, in a semi-limited sort of way. Lots of new stuff, but things like the Real content or YMAL have yet to return. Little side note first - if you have a free minute check out Citystuff. I don't usually "promote" sites, but I fell in love with this site during the "vacation." Everything I've gotten from them has been *great*, and the prices are pretty good when you realize shipping is included for a lot of the things.

Okay, anyway, now THIS site: 25 new transcripts! (That means the character pages are also updated as well as the season email lists.)

There's also six new desktop wallpapers. There's a transcript of Scott's Dear Eminem song and Bruce's I Read The Bible song. There's also a new Kevin and a new Dave article. All these are on the Kid's pages in the Kids in the Hall section. There's also three new articles about the show in the work section.

Now, the time has come to re-evalute how I get people involved, too. When relaunched in July I said I wanted to get more people involved and take a more limited role in the site. For whatever reason, I've found that harder to do than I thought it'd be. I did want to get a sort of "team" of volunteers who did most of the organizing and generating of content, while I would just add their pages and do things like the Real content and miscellaneous games and art. I'm going to be needing to dedicate less of my own time to the site, so it's time to take another shot at getting a team together. So, for the near future, updates are going to be a little thinner until I work this out in my head. In the meantime, if you would be interesting in taking charge of a section or kind of content on this site, you can write me. Let me know if you are familiar with HTML (not necessary, I can show you the little you'd need to know), what kind of time you have to help, and if there's something in particular you'd like to do, or if you just generally want to help out. If you have any other general ideas about doing this, you can send those along too :o)




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