A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

May 2004 Updates

May 31, 2004    


Shocking as it may seem, I've managed to get the search engine for Search Transcripts working again. It took much tweaking and while bleary eyed at three in the morning I couldn't begin to tell you how it got fixed, but it now works. The Random Transcripts is still on the blink though. But have some patience and give me another late night and I might get that one working someday also.

Kim H. and Laura B. Loftin are the gracious providers of the latest transcript updates. I have more to upload but this amount took me much of the evening getting it in order. Expect more soon.

May 26, 2004    

It's Official!

There will be a season 2 DVD set of the Kids in the Hall. If all goes according to plan will start shipping as soon as July 6, 2004. They will allow pre-orders on June 6th.

This is their way of showing appreciation to all the fans who made the first season dvd successful enough that Broadway Video decided to continue them. It's good to be loved, eh?




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