A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall


Each week a comedian, music band, film series, actor, author, or other entertainment personality will be highlighted on these pages. Background information, work list, links, and other information will be supplied in an effort to turn each other onto things we might like...since we all already like Kids in the Hall.
The reasoning for this section is this: As KITH fans we already share a similar like of something. For whatever reason, we gravitated towards KITH. Not suprisingly, KITHfans have also gravitated towards other things. Most "famous" examples being the number of Kids in the Hall, They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies, Mr. Show fans there are out there. But there's plenty of other similarities not as celebrated. Maybe you aren't a fan of, or even familiar with, some of these things. This section will serve as an introduction to some things that may be new to you and help you discover if you, too, might like it.

If you can think of something which other KITH fans like, or might like - and are willing to compile the info for their spotlight - submit you idea to, and I'll give you the go ahead.

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