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Barenaked Ladies

The first week of You Might Also Like will focus on Barenaked Ladies. On September 12th, BNL will release their fifth studio album, Maroon.


Barenaked Ladies was co-founded in 1988 by Ed Robertson and Steven Page. The two went back as far as grade school, but it took summer music camp to bring them together. After impressing musical comedy troupe, Corky and the Juice Pigs, they toured Canada, opening for the trio. The two were joined by Tyler Stewart, Jim Creeggan, and Andy Creeggan, eventually making a demo tape. The demo, consisting of five songs, started to get stocked in Toronto's HMV...and it started to sell. It sold so much, it became the first independent release to go gold in Canada. Andy left BNL to pursue his education and solo music endeavors; Kevin Hearn, formally of Jaymze Bee's Look People project, stepped in and has since become a member of the Barenaked family.

Past Work

Their albums are:
Gordon (1992)
Maybe You Should Drive (1994)
Born on a Pirate Ship (1996)
Rock Spectacle (1996)
Stunt (1998)
Maroon (2000)

There's also been many singles, compilations, and other "releases." To view a complete discography, check the links below.

The KITH Link

You probably know Dave Foley is a certified Barenaked Ladies fan. Other members of the troupe are also lesser BNL fans. (Little trivia note: A few of them wore BNL shirts on MTV years back when America would have said, "Barenaked Who?") The band are also Kids in the Hall fans.

Also, you don't have to be a Barenaked Ladies fan to be a KITH fan, but it sure helps. If you meet a KITH fan, chances are they're at least familiar with BNL.

Why You Might Like Them

They're five, Canadian funnymen...for one.
They're good musicians...for two.
And, they, too, have been known to kiss in front of an audience. Seriously, if you are dead set against liking this band, nothing I say will convince you otherwise. But...

Forget What You May Have Heard

BNL's "Stunt" was a hit album. With that inevitably comes a backlash. It also featured an over-played radio hit, "One Week." For those whose first introduction to BNL was "Stunt," they might have been turned off by the band for this or other reasons. BNL, who always had a popular road following, started to gain DMB fans and fans who might normally follow "boy bands." These people may have become legitimate fans, but they did not make the band. BNL were already huge in Canada by their first album release in 1992 and already had a large "cult" following in the U.S. Many of THESE fans are also KITH fans.

If "Stunt" turned you off, remember that each of their albums was a reinvention of themselves. "Gordon" was energetic and acoustic. "Maybe You Should Drive" was more mellow, with string arrangements. "Born On A Pirate Ship" introduced more a electric sound, but with bounciness. "Stunt" was the first album to have guitar solos and also had a much more rockin' sound. I haven't heard "Maroon" yet, but don't expect another "Stunt." Expect a continuation of an evolution.

Also, BNL has never been a critical success. Critics write about their bubbly pop sound or their good time show as if they're bad things. But since when do KITHfans care about what critics say?

-Trista Lycosky (9.11.00)

More about the YML: This site doesn't seem to be updated much anymore, but served as a very complete fan site. To get the historical look of the band, start here. Their official Reprise site. Just updated to include mucho Maroon content.

bnl webring- List of over 150 fan sites.

bnl discography- Every release where you can find BNL's music.


Buy the YML's work:



eps, limited editions, singles:

Shoe Box EP (ECD)
Rock Spectacle +2 (ECD Import)
Stunt +7 (Import)
It's All Been Done
Call & Answer Pt. 1
Call & Answer Pt. 2



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