Shelley Long

Transcribed from: Comedy Central
Transcribed by: Kim H.

Shelley Long 1


[Caption: Police Department 2:55 P.M. Cherry Beach.]

Bruce: It's some city out there. It's pretty ugly to see a…young thing like that, 17 years old, pretty, eaten up by the street, gobbled up, wigged out on drugs, all kinds of people just trying to eat her up, they don't care-

Mark: Shelley Long!

Bruce: What?

Mark: Shelley Long, I'm trying to remember the name of her all day, you know the woman, the actress? Was trying to remember, driving me crazy…

Bruce: Oh, Shelley Long. Yeah she's good.

Mark: Yeah she is, isn't she?

Shelley Long 2


[Bruce and Mark as the S&M pair are sitting against a wall. Mark is drinking something out of a carton.]

Bruce: Shelley Long!

Mark: Who?

Bruce: Shelley Long, that's that chick's name, Shelly Long.

Mark: Who is she?

[Bruce sighs and shakes his head.]

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video