Leslie De Gaulle Trio

Transcribed from: Comedy Central
Transcribed by: Tlyco@aol.com
[Dave and Kevin on stage. Dave is playing guitar. Kevin is playing tambourine as they finish up a song, Kevin sets down the tambourine.]

[In black and white. Caption on screen: "Career Ending Moments in Show Business 1950" then "Leslie De Gaulle Trio".]

Dave: Thank ya. Thank ya very much.

Kevin: Thank you very much.

Dave: This next song is about Senator Joe McCarthy.

Kevin: Goes a little something like this.

[Dave begins playing guitar.]

Both: [singing] Root 'em out Joe / Root 'em out Joe-ho / Send them all back to icy Moscow-ho / Root 'em out Joe / Root 'em out Joe-ho / Let 'em all dance to the commie-a-go-go. . .

It's an insidious spread like lichens and mosses / Send them all back to their Soviet bosses / Tell them to go / Tell 'em to get lost / Get all their names form Nehemiah Persoff. . .

Kevin: Ooo. . .

Dave: What's that I see--

Kevin: Ahh. . .

Dave: --On the horizon?

Kevin: Ooo. . .

Dave: I see an eagle, and--

Kevin: Ahh. . .

Dave: I see some bison. These things are America to me. . .

Kevin: [trying to harmonize, but slightly out of tune] America to me.

Dave: Whoo! Root 'em out-- [repeated 15 more times as Kevin sings the following.]

Kevin: [over Dave:] Better dead than red. Better dead than re-ed. Better dead then re-e-ed. . .

Dave: --Joe. . .

[song ends.]

Dave: Thank you.

Kevin: Thank ya.

[Cut to audience--blank/shocked faces. Cut back to Kevin and Dave. Kevin is waving two U.S. flags. Both look suprised and a bit uncomfortable.]

Dave: [voice over] Regrets?

[Cut to present, in color. Caption: Leslie De Gaulle Trio 1991]

Dave: Oh sure. Tons.

Kevin: Our day's pretty much filled with regrets.

Dave: Yep. First thing we do in the morning is regret somethin'.

[Both laugh.]

Kevin: Yep.

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video