Cop Poses

Transcribed from: Comedy Central
Transcribed by: Trista Lycosky
[1:47 P.M. Cherry Beach. Pan down to Mark and Bruce by the squad car. Mark has his hands on his hips, Superman-style.]

Bruce: Nope.

Mark: You don't like that?

Bruce: Don't like that.

[Mark shakes out his hands and folds them.]

Mark: 'Kay, uh, whaddya think of this one?

Bruce: Nope.

Mark: No?

[Mark puts his thumbs in pants.]

Mark: Alright. What about this one?

Bruce: That's mine.

[Mark looks at Bruce. Yep, it's the identical pose.]

Mark: Oh! Uh, sorry. Um...

[Mark starts to put his hands in his pockets.]

Bruce: I like uh, I like your old one.

Mark: You like the old one?

[Mark sits against the car, with his arms folded.]

Mark: You mean that one?

Bruce: Yea-ep.

Mark: Hmm. The problem is if I do it uh, if I do it all day I get a pain in my neck, you know.

Bruce: Really?

Mark: Yeah.

Bruce: It's hell being a cop, eh?

Mark: You can say that again, sister.

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video