Transcribed from: Comedy Central
Transcribed by: Marie (Ree) Panepinto
Cast: [A living room. A group of people are playing charades at a party. Bruce and Mark are sitting on the couch. Kevin is sitting on a chair alone as is Scott. Dave is about to perform.]

[Dave picks up a piece of paper to read the charade and puts it back down. He turns around and imitates a video camera.]

Kevin: TV!

Bruce: A movie!

[Dave points in confirmation.]

Mark: A movie, a movie, a movie.

[Dave holds one finger up.]

Girl in front of Bruce: One! One word!

Kevin: One word!

[Dave points in confirmation.]

Bruce: One word!

Dave: Right.

[Dave puts his fingers up to his head to look like antlers and kinda does a little prancing in place thing.]

Mark: It's an animal!

Kevin: A moose!

Mark: A deer! A deer, a deer, a deer!

Girl in front of Bruce: Yeah, yeah!

[Scott gets up and smothers Kevin with a towel. Kevin is squirming violently, but everyone is too bust watching Dave.]

Bruce: Deer hunter!

Mark: Deerslayer!

[Dave shakes his head.]

Girl in front of Bruce: Reindeer! Reindeer!

Bruce: The Rages of Deer.

[Everyone stops and stares at him. Scott checks to make sure no one is looking at him.]

Mark: Come on, the deer, the deer, the deer...uhhh....Apocalypse Deer, I don't know...uhhh....come on!

[Kevin stops moving.] Bruce: It's not Bambi, is it? Bambi!

Dave: [points at Bruce] Bambi! It's Bambi!

[Scott puts the pillow down.]

[The group cheers for Bruce.]

Scott: Ahhh...I gotta go guys.

[Everyone is upset.]

Scott: Yeah, I promised Tanya I'd go to their party. OK, anyways, thanks, I had a great time.

[Everyone says goodbye.]

[Dave walks up to Kevin. He picks Kevin's arm up and drops it twice.]

Dave: Hey! Jerry's dead!

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video