Bim Bam Baby

Transcribed from: Comedy Central
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[spoken] Hey Man! This is the Best-Looking Man in the World...

[sung] Get a mip-map-mop and a brim-bram-broom / And clim-clam-clean up the rim-ram-room / 'Cos your bim-bam-baby's coming home tonight.

Get my slim-slam-slippers and my easy chair / Roll your flim-flam-fingers through my greasy hair / And kiss me baby; let me hold you tight.

I've been north and south and east and west / But even a honeybee needs some rest / When I get my jacket and my trousers pressed / I'm gonna follow the swallow right back to the nest.

Don't you wim-wam-worry if my train is late / I'm gonna shim-sham-shuffle on a frim-fram-freight / 'Cos your bim-bam-baby's shaking home tonight.

Flim-Flam / A-Bim Bam / Flim-Flam / A-Rim Ram / Shoop do Wap do do Ow do do Wah.

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video