Touch Paul Bellini Contest Winner

Transcribed from: Comedy Central
Transcribed by: Andrew Greenberg
Mark: Several episodes ago, on this television show, broadcast from this television studio, from a spot only a few feet from where I am now sitting, in fact, from behind that tuxedo where I will now go [gets up and stands behind the tuzedo on headless dummy], I announced The Kids in the Hall were having a competition to pick a lucky viewer to be the winner of the Touch Paul Bellini Contest. Now for those of you not familiar with this competition, the point of it was, is that we would fly our guy to whereever you lived in the United States so that you might touch Paul Bellini. Well, the calls poured in from across the country. The next day a winner was selected. And she soon became known to us as Rebecca Klatka of St. Petersburg, Florida... because that's what her name is and that's where she lives. So then it was to St. Petersburg taht a psyched up Paul Bellini was dispatched. And now the exciting conclusion.

[To Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet's version of "Summer Wind": ]

[Bellini in towel walking down airplane aisle holding ticket.]

[Sitting in seat buckling belt]

[A shot of out of the plane window]

[At luggage slaim retrieving his brown suitcase]

[walking down corridor of hotel, stops at door, puts down suitcase, uses key to unlock door and opens door, picks up suitcase again, enters room]

[In room opening brown suitcase, we see in the suitcase many folded white towels]

[Bellini opens curtain and looks out at parking lot and highway]

[Bellini from inside shower pulls aside shower curtain and reachs for a towel to dry his hair, he's already wearing a white towel]

[driving along a suburban road, we see Bellini behind the wheel, Bellini looks at houses looking for the right one, we see out the window a yellow house, Bellini sees the house and parks the car and shuts the car off stopping the music]

[Rebecca Klatka opens door (with the number 4753 next to the door) and looks out through screen door holding a mug, "THE WINNER" appears below her, she opens the screen door and waves to Bellini with a wooden fork]

[Bellini out of the car parked across the street looks both ways, closes the car door, looks both ways again and cross the street]

[suspicious neighbor peers out her window]

[Paul Bellini and Rebecca Klatka stare at each other on the cement walkway, she pokes his stomach two times with the wooden fork, they both turn to the camera and smile]

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video