Mr. Heavyfoot Puts on his Pants

Transcribed from: Comedy Network
Transcribed by: Tanya Doroslovac
Cast: [Set in Mr. Heavyfoot's bedroom.] [Screen reads:
M. Piedlourde Met ses Pantalons
Mr. Heavyfoot Puts on His Pants]

[Mr. Heavyfoot lies in bed. He throws off the covers to reveal his heavy (red socked) feet. A mechanical harness moves over him and he straps his upper body into it. His feet dangle in the air as the harness lifts him up out of the bed and across the room. His butler is air-traffic controlling him with yellow signs. The device stops and lowers him into his pants, which have been hung on a wire frame. Mr. Heavyfoot removes himself from the harness and takes off his pajama shirt, giving it to his butler. He does up his pants and his butler puts a hat on his head. The butler gives him a cup of coffee, which he sips composedly. Mr. Heavyfoot then proceeds to do his characteristic walk, lurching across the room. He puts so much effort in to lifting his feet that he ends up spilling the coffee all over himself and the floor. The butler takes out a handkerchief and mops the carpet.]

[Screen reads: Fin]

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video