Blame for Blue Jays Loss

Transcribed from: Comedy Central
Transcribed by: Andrew Greenberg
Cast- Kevin: The lake shore, west of Pine street, please.

Mark: Sure.

Kevin: Did you hear the Blue Jays score?

Mark: Yeah. They lost 5-2.

Kevin: Oh, that's too bad.

Mark: Yes, and I know why they lost this game.

Kevin: Why?

Mark: Let's just say that where I come from in Europe, certain people always made problems.

Kevin: What?

Mark: Look, I'm not prejudiced, but I read that those guys are always troublemaking.

Kevin: Who? The Blue Jays?

Mark: Look, I said I'm not prejudiced. I just think they should stop trying to control everybody's lives.

Kevin: Who are you talking about?


Mark: O.K. get out of my cab.

Kevin: What?

Mark: I said get out of my cab, you Serbian bastard.

Kevin: I'm not Serbian.

Mark: Ah, that's what they all say. Get out of here before I beat your brains into pulp. Come on. Get out.

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video