Deja Vu

Transcribed from: Comedy Central
Transcribed by: Matt Morrison
Cast- [Scott and Bruce are fighting in a trash-filled alley. Scott charges Bruce, who falls to the ground and kicks upward, knocking Scott back into the wall. Scott picks up a pipe and starts to swing at Bruce, who parries the blows with a steel trashcan. Bruce eventually pushes with the can and forces Scott back again. Scott falls, gets back up and kicks a box out of the way. Bruce picks up a knife and starts to advance on Scott. Bruce stabs, but Scott dodges the thrusts, putting Bruce in a headlock and forcing him to drop the knife. Both struggle to pick up the knife, but Scott reaches it first. Bruce, who is still on the floor, under Scott, grabs him and the two roll along on the ground, trying to pin the other one while they both struggle for control of the knife. Scott winds up on top, pinning Bruce, and as he struggles to pull the knife from Bruce's grip, he gets a dazed look on his face, turns to the camera and says...]

Scott: Wow! Déjà vu!

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video