Crazy Love

Transcribed from: Best of the Kids in the Hall
Transcribed by: Devri Richmond
Cast: [Bruce and Dave are sitting on the bedroom floor with photos spread all around them. Kevin and Dave are on the bed behind them.]

Kevin: [Amidst girly 'ohhs' and 'ahhs'] I think they're all hunks!

Dave: Oh, make up your mind!

[More mumbling.]

Bruce: So cute. He's a beefcake. Oh, I like him!

Mark: No, you can't.

Bruce: [To camera] All the girls wanna know: Who's the cutest guy on death row?

Dave: [Holding up picture.] Is it Steve?

Kevin: [Holding up picture.] Or is it Lyle?

Bruce: [Holding up picture of Scott on death row.] Or is it the new guy with the unpredictable smile?

Dave: He looks stuck up.

Bruce: He is not!

Dave: Oh, I think he's full of himself.

Mark: [Pointing at one on the floor.] I like him. He's mysterious.

All: All the girls want to know: Who's the cutest boy on death row?

Mark: [Holding up picture.] I like this one cuz he has nice lips. [He smiles and giggles with the braces.]

All: Oooooh. [Mumbling.]

Bruce: How will I sign my new name?

All: [Mumbling.]

Kevin: Mrs. Lyle! I like the sound of it!

Dave: I'll never fall in love and be widowed. I know it.

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video