Whores: Sock Puppet

Transcribed from: CBC
Transcribed by: handi@interlog.com
Cast: [Mark walks up to Dave and Scott on the street]

Mark: Excuse me?

Scott: Yeah?

Mark: I-I-I-I (deep breath)

Dave: Hm? What is it?

Mark: I never um....

Dave: What?

Mark: ...normally...

Scott: Yeah?

Dave: What is it?

Scott: What?

Mark: ...come up here, but....

Dave: (smiles at Scott) S'ok

Mark: I was wonder...I....

Dave: (puts a sock puppet on his hand and is speaking as the puppet) What is the matter? Why are you so nervous, eh? What is it you want, ah?

Mark: Uh, well, well I...

Dave: WHAT?

Mark: I want, uh....

Dave: (still as the puppet) Would you like this woman to have sex with you for money, eh? Is that what you would like, eh?

Mark: (laughing sheepishly) Yeah.

Dave: (still as puppet) Ah well let me introduce you two. Jocelyn, I would like you to meet, uh...

Mark: Hi, I'm Nat.

Dave: This is Nat. (as Jocelyn) Oh! Thank you! Hello Nat.

Mark: Hello, hello.

Dave: (as puppet) So, uh, why don't you two go together somewhere?

Mark: Ok.

Dave: (as puppet) Ok Nat? Ok. (as Jocelyn-to Scott) So we go now.

Scott: Ok

Dave: Ok

Scott: Leave me the sock, I'll use it later.

Mark: What?

Dave: Oh, sure, Ok. (he takes off the sock puppet and Mark gets scared)

Mark: AH!

Dave: Ah?

Mark: AH!

Scott: What?

Mark: AH!

Scott: What?

Mark: AAAAHHHHHHH! (runs away)

Scott: [says indecipherable stuff] Ok. I'm fine. Ok. Ok. Ok. (motions Dave away and Dave runs after Mark) I hope he's Ok.

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video