Whores: Movie Star

Transcribed from: Arena (foxtel - Australia)
Transcribed by: smartartist6@hotmail.com
Cast: Scott: You okay?

Dave: Yeah.

Scott: Hey, Jocelyn. What movie star do you think you are when you're working?

Dave: Catherine Denove.

Scott: Oooh.

Dave: And you?

Scott: Linda Lavin.

Dave: Who?

Scott: TV's Alice.

Dave: Oh, I love that show, with the sexy Mel. But you know, in Quebec, the actor that dubbed Mel's voice is very faggy.

Scott: Awww.

Dave: Is sad, is it?

Scott: Dubbing sucks.

Dave: But so do we.

Scott: Yeah.

Dave: If we ever get a frigging chance to do that.

Scott: Let us do some work!

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video