Fiore Parfums Commercial

Transcribed from: Comedy Central
Transcribed by: Marie (Ree) Panepinto
Cast: [Transcriber's Note: This skit is a compilation of many quick camera shots. I included as many as possible, but I may have left one or two out. Also, the music in the background is loud the wrong places, so the voice over is difficult to hear....not to mention the audience finds this hilarious]

[Shot of roses in front of a column on a red background, only its swirling music in background]

Voice over: The fashions of Balencia.

[Quick shot of woman with her head down]

[Iguana crawling]

Voice over: The colors of ?

[Quick shot of woman lying face down from far away]

Voice over: The mystery of ?




[Woman with head down]


[Background music heard: go go go]

[Woman raises her head]

[Woman raises her head]

Voice over: Fiore.

[Music picks up]

[Woman is revealed to be Franchesca Fiore and she looks at the camera and tilts her head]


[Franchesca peers from behind a fan of peacock feathers]

Scott: Never before more than I had to be.

[Black and white shot of Franchesca and flowers]

Scott: Tonight, feel like a bitch.

[She scowls and pulls a flower out, which causes the shot to become color and flames to erupt.]

[Franchesca scowls and looks at camera]

[Franchesca behind flames waving her hand over them]

[Franchesca "Vogue-ing"]

[A black and white wide screen clip: shot of man]

Man: Why do you do it?

[Shot of Franchesca turning her head forward]

Scott: Power.


[A gold trophy like thing with an eagle on top. It has a swastika on it. It starts emitting sparks and then starts to spin]

[Franchesca standing behind flames]

Voice over: It came from the flavelas (?) of Brazil to take over the entire world. Fiore.

[The swastika thing still spinning]

[Franchesca lyiung on her stomach moving her hand out towards the camera]

Voice over: Now you too can smell like a B-movie star.

[Black and white shot of Franchecsa and the man from the movie clip]


[Black and white shot of man in movie]

[Black and white shot of Franchesca from movie]

[Iguana crawling]

[Franchesca crawling and sticking her tounge out]

[Iguana with its tounge out]

Voice over: Fiore.

[Cloce up of Franchesca with an egg-shaped object in her hand. It's white with black spots and has big red lips on it.]

Scott: Smell me.

[Franchesca presses the top of the egg three times, each time opening her mouth and each time it sets of an explosion. When she does this, the voice over is heard]

Voice over: Fiore. Fiore. Fiore.

[The exact same movie clip]

Man: Why do you do it?

Scott: Power!

[A black screen with the key FIORE PARFUMES
also avaliable in eau de toilette]

[Black screen with the key SMELL HER]

Voice over: Smell her.

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video