Whores: Porno

Transcribed from: CBC
Transcribed by: handi@interlog.com
Cast: Scott: Jocelyn, ya ever done any porno?

Dave: Yes, um, I was in [Emannuel's Three?] when I was living in France.

Scott: Oh.

Dave: And you?

Scott: Well I schtupped a donkey once in this movie. I can't remember the name of it, though. Probably cause it was only 5 minutes long. Like a sh-short feature, more like a loop.

Dave: Did you make much money at that?

Scott: No, but I got to keep the donkey.

Dave: Oh, that's nice.

Scott: Mmmmmm. How's your snake?

Dave: (pause) It's fine.

Scott: It's dead, isn't it?

Dave: (nods sadly)

Scott: It's OK. (puts his hand over Dave's)

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video