Creative Possibilities

Transcribed from: Comedy Central
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[Opens with Dave climbing down a ladder into Kevin's, office]

Kevin: Come in! Hello, and welcome to my office. My office in a submarine. Office; submarine.

Dave: Yes, yes...

Kevin: 'Cause that's what we're all about here at Creative Possibilities. Office, submarine. Jubejubes?

Dave: Pardon me?

Kevin: Would you like some jubejubes?

Dave: Uh, sure, sure.

Kevin: Teapot. Jubejubes. Jubejubes in a teapot. A teapot for tea, but with jubejubes in it. Office, submarine. You see, here at Creative Possibilities, we like to look at the world in a fresh and exciting way. The imagination is a dying animal. But here at Creative Possibilities, we like to feed that animal, and give that animal room to roam. Office, submarine.

Dave: Uh may I have a seat please.

Kevin: Yes of course -- but here at Creative Possibilities you don't have to sit on a chair -- you could sit - some *paper*!

Dave: I'll take a chair, thanks.

Kevin: I was just throwing that out off the top of my head. And while I'm at it -- can you guess what I'm wearing for underwear?

Dave: No, no I can't.

Kevin: The body of a guitar! The body of a guitar in the place of underwear. Office submarine! Creative Possibilities! Did I mention the imagination is a dying animal?

Dave: Yes you did, yes.

Kevin: Good, just wanted to make sure I mentioned that. Now, How can i help you?

Dave: Well Mister Valane, I'm from the bank. And you have not made any payments on your "submarine".

Kevin: I sent you my payments.

Dave: No Mister Valane what you sent us was a lot of empty pop cans.

Kevin: [Nodding head in agreement] Pop cans, money; office, submarine!

Dave: Nooo no no no no Mister Valane. Pop cans; pop cans. Money; *money*.

Kevin: Did I mention the imagination is a dying animal?

Dave: You have no money do you Mister Valane?

Kevin: Money? Money is everywhere! Money is not my problem; [shaking finger at Dave] you are the enemy of imagination. People like you think that poems have to *rhyme*! Or that songs have to have a catchy melody, oh - that a comedy sketch has to have an end!

[Does his famous praying hands up to chin pose]

Credit to Kids in the Hall/Broadway Video