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Brain Candy

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The Dean's List
By Dino Tripodis

The Dean's List took a trip down the hall over the weekend and popped in on the "KIDS" and their first big screen attempt, BRAIN CANDY.

Now, if your a fan of this exceptionally talented troupe of comics you will probably appreciate the film more than others. If this is your first experience with KIDS IN THE HALL humor, you may scratch your head from time to time, and utter, "I don't get it."

The story involves the marketing of a mood altering drug that sweeps the nation, but unfortunately was not adequately tested before being released to the public, which brings to light the exceptional comedy talents of Kevin McDonald playing the part of the scientist who creates the drug and Mark McKinney, playing the part of the pharmaceutical giant who is desperate for another "drug hit". In addition to these roles the KIDS play about 40 others as well. Aside from some sneaky cameos (see if you can spot 'em) it's the ultimate showcase for the troupe's talents.

Credit also has to go to the boys for staying with a plot, which sometimes is lost in movies such as these, but the humor involved is often hit and miss. The group's strength is obviously in the short form sketch and in the attempt to pull off a feature the work seems strained.

Still, though, the characters are fun to watch and credit has to be given to the five talented guys who bring all together. If they do another, I'm sure they will do it better, but until then BRAIN CANDY gets a C+. The C means the humor overall COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER and more consistent given the troupe's writing abilities and the + goes to some of the brilliant characters that were enjoyable and at times memorable to watch.

I'm Dino Tripodis, wrapping up this edition of The Dean's List.

Dino Tripodis is a morning show host on WSNY-FM in Columbus, Ohio. He's also the station's resident movie critic.


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