A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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Troupe History

The following time line was contained on the official Brain Candy website.

1981 - 1983 Calgary
Mark McKinney and Bruce McCulloch (and future Kids writers Norm Hiscock and Gary Campbell) form the comedy troupe The Audience.

1982 - Toronto
Kevin McDonald and other performers form The Kids in the Hall.; Dave Foley joins.

1983 - Toronto
Mark and Bruce move to Toronto.

1984 - Toronto
Mark and Bruce join The Kids in the Hall. Mark introduces Scott to the group. Scott appears as a special guest.

1985 - Toronto
Scott joins The Kids in the Hall.

1985 - New York City
Mark and Bruce become writers on Saturday Night Live.

1985 - Toronto
Scott and Kevin join the touring show of Second City Improv. Dave stars in the film "High Stakes."

1986 - Toronto
The Kids in the Hall are reunited; perform regularly at the Rivoli Club. Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels sees The Kids perform.

1987 - New York City
Michaels brings The Kids in the Hall to New York City.

1988 - Toronto
The Kids in the Hall star in an HBO special.

1989 - 1994 Toronto
The Kids in the Hall show airs for five years on HBO, CBS Comedy Central, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

1995 - Toronto
The Kids star in their own movie - Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy


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