A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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Show #509


Coming Out  
 Stars- Dave, Kevin, Scott
 Recurring Characters- Riley, Smitty, Butch
 In short- The guys discussing coming out to their parents.

Loud American Shopping  
 Stars- Kevin, Mark
 Recurring Characters- n/a
 In short- Buying Canadian crab shampoo for Canadian crabs in a Canadian drug store.

Avoiding Commitment
 Stars- Bruce, Dave
 Recurring Characters- n/a
 In short- Man doesn't want girlfriend to move in, but can't tell her.

Tea Addiction  
 Stars- Dave, Kevin, Mark
 Recurring Characters- Mr. Tisane
 In Short- Mr. Tisane is told he drinks too much tea. He tries to live without it.

Great Ideas  
 Stars- Dave, Kevin, Mark, Scott
 Recurring Characters- n/a
 In short- He has this idea - boiled potatoes - but he does have another one.

At The Movies
 Stars- Dave, Bruce, Kevin, Scott
 Recurring Characters- Riley, Smitty, Butch
 In Short- They go see "Intimate Circumstances." Butch disappears half through.


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