A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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Show #418


 Stars- Dave, Scott
 Recurring Characters- Jocelyn, Maudre
 In short- A man wants to know if Maudre is one.

 Stars- Bruce, Mark
 Recurring Characters- Darrill
 In short- While on a date, Darrill gushes over Mozart and his music.

Movie Star  
 Stars- Dave, Scott
 Recurring Characters- Jocelyn, Maudre
 In short- They talk about who they pretend to be when they're working.

1/4 Life Crisis
 Stars- Dave, Kevin, Mark
 Recurring Characters- n/a
 In short- Successful lawyer quits his day job to pursue his dream job of fireman.

 Stars- Scott
 Recurring Characters- Buddy Cole
 In short- Buddy remembers a friend.

Drunk as a Crow  
 Stars- Bruce, Kevin
 Recurring Characters- n/a
 In short- Is he stupid because he's drunk, or drunk because he's stupid?

Rudy's Second Job
 Stars- Dave, Kevin, Scott
 Recurring Characters- Jocelyn, Maudre, Rudy
 In short- Rudy drives a cab.

 Stars- Kevin
 Recurring Characters- n/a
 In short- He ponders whether he should use his celebrity status to his advantage.


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