A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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Show #320


On The Subject of My Spleen 
 Stars- Dave
 Recurring Characters- n/a
 In short- It's twice the size of a regular spleen.

Bearded Lady Marries
 Stars- Dave, Kevin, Mark
 Recurring Characters- Bearded Lady, Chicken Lady
 In short- The Bearded Lady prepares to get married.

Arrogant Boss  
 Stars- Dave, Kevin
 Recurring Characters- n/a
 In short- He's going to take the idea and make it better, or whatever.

Looking Back 
 Stars- Bruce, Mark
 Recurring Characters- Satan, Cabbagehead, Mr. Tiscic aka Mr. Tyzik aka the Headcrusher
 In short- Now that the season is over, Bruce presents things he wished they did.

Horny Patient  
 Stars- Kevin, Scott
 Recurring Characters- Nurse Unloop
 In Short- While being examined, he notices the nurse is very close to Mr. Bilbo.

On The Subject of Birth 
 Stars- Dave
 Recurring Characters- n/a
 In Short- He was a Cesarean birth.

Spy Models 
 Stars- Dave, Kevin, Mark, Scott
 Recurring Characters- Francesca Fiore, Bruno Puntz Jones
 In short- Francesca film about the backstage antics of runway models.


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