A Whole Lotta Kids in the Hall

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Show #301


Can Anyone Fly a Plane?
 Stars- Dave, Bruce, Kevin, Scott
 Recurring Characters- n/a
 In short- Flight attendants burst into restaurant.

Man Boobs 
 Stars- Dave, Scott
 Recurring Characters- Danny Husk
 In short- Man asks if he's always had breasts, or are they new.

Blame for Blue Jays Loss 
 Stars- Kevin, Mark
 Recurring Characters- Bigot Cabbie
 In short- Cabbie blames "certain people."

Strip Club 
 Stars- Dave, Bruce, Kevin, Mark, Scott
 Recurring Characters- Chicken Lady, Bearded Lady, Emcee
 In Short- The freaks attend a strip show with Rooster Boy.

Road Rage
 Stars- Kevin, Mark, Scott
 Recurring Characters- Bigot Cabbie, Psycho Cabbie
 In Short- Cabbie shoots other cars, delivers a package, and picks up other fares.

Withstanding Blatant Abuse
 Stars- Bruce, Mark
 Recurring Characters- Cops
 In short- He didn't interfere because he though they knew each other.

Celebrity Encounters  
 Stars- Dave, Kevin
 Recurring Characters- n/a
 In short- They discuss Mickey Rooney and small "C" celebrities.

My Pen!  
 Stars- Dave, Bruce, Kevin, Mark, Scott
 Recurring Characters- Psycho Cabbie
 In short- A bank teller lost the pen he does his work with.

Story of a Dead Guy
 Stars- Mark, Scott
 Recurring Characters- Cops
 In short- They discuss a film about a murder, while guarding a dead body.

 Stars- Kevin, Scott
 Recurring Characters- Danny Husk, Danny's Wife
 In short- Danny Husk wants his wife to pay his nipples more attention.


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