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Revised Release: January 6th, 2005
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Please join The Second City for a special presentation of its

56th sketch comedy revue...

Good's Good, Evil's Bad

With all proceeds going to the Canadian Red Cross'

Asia Earthquake & Tsunami Relief Fund

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Friday January 14th - 10:30 PM

Regular Ticket Price: $27.00 & $34.00

Please give generously

The Second City- 56 Blue Jays Way (at King St.)

Box Office: 416.343.0011

Are you looking to spread your disaster relief donation as far as it can go? Well, all you need to do is check out the best sketch comedy theatre Toronto has to offer.

On Friday, January 14th, The Second City is adding a 10:30pm performance of its hilarious new revue Good's Good, Evil's Bad, along with a spectacular line up of alumni for a super, star filled improv set. 100% of ticket sales will be going to the Canadian Red Cross in aid of the Asia Earthquake Tsunami Disaster Relief. To boot, Second City CEO Andrew Alexander and partner Len Stuart will personally match dollar-for-dollar the funds that are raised. Being that the government of Canada is generously matching all amounts donated to aid agencies before Tuesday, January 11th, your generous donation will have four times the impact. So yes, come out and attend the show and call in your generous pledge to The Second City before the 11th, your gift will have four times the impact and will go directly to the Asia Earthquake Tsunami Relief Fund.

Don't miss our star filled, inspirational improv set our cast will be joined by Colin Mochrie (Whose Line is it Anyway?), Deb McGrath (CBC's Getting Along Famously), Sean Cullen (The Producers, Tonight Show with Jay Leno), Pat McKenna (The New Red Green Show, Traders), Lisa Merchant (Train 48, March of Dames), Scott Thompson (Kids in the Hall, The Larry Sanders Show)

All Second City staff and actors have agreed to donate their time and salaries for this performance. For anyone unable to attend, note that The Second City will have Red Cross donation boxes set up at the box office effective immediately.