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This page puts in one place all the real audio or video scattered throughout this site. Note that this page (and the real content on the site) are revolving. It is the plan to stream one song using realaudio and/or one Kids in the Hall interview or non-show bit using realvideo each week. This real content is not being archived. When a new song or new interview is added, it will take the place of the previous file. Visit often and catch the funny while you can.

A few selected files will remain online, where ownership appears to belong to The Kids in the Hall, or a member, and who I would hope wouldn't mind the sharing to fans.

Real Audio

 S.O.T.W- KITH Song Of The Week (or thereabouts). To find out what it is, you have to click the link each week.
 Having an Average Weekend '78- RealAudio file of an "alternate" version of the "KITH theme" which appeared as bumper music during the last season. (56K modem recommended)


Real Video

 C.O.T.W- KITH Clip Of The Week (or thereabouts). This may be one or more Kids in the Hall on a talk show or it may be a short skit which one or more did. On selected occasions, it MAY be a skit from the show which has since been censored, cut, or dropped from the airing schedule. Whatever it is, each week you have to click it to find out. Wanna help this site grow? Transcribe the C.O.T.W. for inclusion on this site. See how to contribute.
 Yo Canada!- For Canada Day 1995, CityTV aired a comedy show, which was simulcast in the US on Comedy Central. On the set of Brain Candy, the Kids contributed a taped piece to the show answering the original question of "Why Are Canadians So Funny?"
 Vacation- Bruce McCulloch contributed three short films to Saturday Night Live. The third one, Vacation (Eraserhead on SBM), never aired during a new SNL, it only aired in repeats. Bruce also showed it during his MuchMusic special.
 Shame Based Man Commercial- This commericial aired on television for a couple months during 1995. Get to see two women who really don't know him, but are glad he hired them.



No contributions will be accepted and no requests will honored for this page. Sorry.


Note: The files chosen to make into real content were chosen for a reason. You can not buy or catch a repeat of interviews the KITH have made over the years, or other miscellaneous bits they did, thus it is my reasoning that showing the content for a limited time period does not compete with the show it was originally aired on - if anything it would make you want to tune into that show. This is purely a fan thing and no revenue is lost or gained by anyone by airing these videos. I hope you agree with this reasoning.


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